Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 5
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Written By Sleuth Reporter

Delays, delays! Something seems to always be gumming up the works, and trying to put us behind schedule! Let me tell you..

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Jeremy Biography
Written By Syncopated

The scene set before us is one both awe-inspiring and terrible, though not altogether unfamiliar. Servants grovel shamelessly at the feet of the throne, gazing up at its occupant through lifeless black eyes. They wish for nothing but salvation, some small glimmer of mercy in the eyes of their captor, prostate upon the shining marble floor of the throne room in a desperate plea for their very lives.

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Shipwrecked Journal
Written By Ryuuko

Dear Journal:
I have been shipwrecked; no matter how many times I say it part of me still doesn’t believe that this is actually happening. I want to believe that this is all just a horrible, horrible dream: that I am not stuck on some deserted island in the middle of a giant and merciless ocean, but rather tucked away in my bed, about to wake up from this nightmare and have a good laugh when I realize that none of this is real.

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Mysterious Bob
Written By Eme

When I first heard of the opening of a strange new shop on the beach, I knew that I had to investigate. Rumors of Daydream and Nightmare Imps being seen near the questionable shopkeeper, Makoto, along with the introduction of several new Misticpals into our society drove me to close Forest Misticpals early today and take a nice walk down to the Lighthouse. It wasn't long before I found my final destination, almost directly beneath the cliff the Lighthouse was on.

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Pirate's Guide to Treasure
Written By Dillon

For years pirates have been burying treasure along the shores of Mistica, and for years people have been combing the beaches looking for these elusive riches. But how do they do it? Well your questions are now answered! Below is a guide written by the most dreaded pirate on the seas... CLARENCE FAIRYWEATHER! In this guide Clarence goes over some tips and tricks to finding treasure, the best of all it's free!

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