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Welcome to Misticpets. We at Misticpets strive to provide a safe, free and entertaining site for our users. You are a guest in our Misticpet community and we ask that you treat our other guests and staff with courtesy and respect. Before creating an account and using Misticpets, we ask that you read our rules, terms and conditions. At the end of this information you will be asked to agree to these terms, before moving forward to create your account. Once your account has been created, you will be held responsible for any rules that have not been followed, or broken, on your account. Terms and Conditions as well s in site posted rules may be updated, altered, changed or edited at anytime without warning. It is the players responsibility to periodically check for updates. Notice may or may not be given for each change.

Member / Account Detail Agreement

Number of Accounts
Each user on Misticpets is allowed ONE and only ONE account. You may not share your account with anyone else. You may not allow anyone else to use your account for any reason. You are also not allowed to ever transfer your account to someone else. If you have more than one account, then some or all of them may be deleted by staff. The only time someone else might be allowed on an account, even among family members, would be the situation where a young child needs help to play the site.  After a period of inactivity exceeding 18 months, accounts are subjec to deletion.

Basic Rules to use Misticpets
Misticpets welcomes users of all ages and from all over the world. Because of this, we expect all our users in the Misticpets community to treat each other with courtesy and respect.This includes, but is not limited to, all user content, user names, words, pet names, shop names, forums, mistic mail, images, user statuses, or other areas of user input, links and artwork. Please let a moderator know if you ever see something that is out of place. Also, let them know if anyone asks you for personal information about yourself such as your real name and address or email. The following rules apply to every page of Misticpets and Misticpetshelp. If you violate any of the following rules, Misticpets may suspend you, ban you or permanently freeze your account. Please check for updates and Rules in the forum board located HERE

PG-13 Guidelines as it pertains to Misticpets.com
PG-13 - Parents Strongly Cautioned Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
Horror/Gore- All graphics and written works may not expose internal organs, or spell out explicit murder/killing scenes, but there may be content that is bloody or horrific in some manner.
For the purposes of your pets in RP or on pet pages, relationships are allowed. Do not post explicit romance, but Disney-esque rp's and families are alright.
Nudity is not allowed on this site. Everything that would be covered in a normal bathing suit or two piece must be covered in artwork. If you have seen fit to give human anatomy to your pets, then they should be covered.
References to drugs or other illegal substances or acts is expressly forbidden on this website.

Members are required to use a TRUE date of birth when creating their accounts. Anyone using a false date to get around site rules is open for the possibility of full site ban. If you are under the age of 18, then your parents and/or guardians also need to have read and agreed to your accepting these terms and conditions. By using this site, you and your parents and/or guardians are deemed to have accepted same. Staff can, and will reset a members age at any point it is revealed the original date has been falsified. Please keep in mind this can result in loss of all account items, pets and spending accounts. Please be honest when creating your play account.

Some areas of the site will be restricted to members under the age of 13. Please closely read the following information to learn more about the options to these members: If you are under the age of 13, you may have your parents/guardians send a written parental permission form stating you have there permission to access Misticpets. This will allow you the "general" access to all site areas members over 13 have at account creation time. During the registration process there is a check box to determine if you are under or over 13. If you falsely answer this question, then you and your parents are deemed to hold Misticpets at no fault or liability for your use of the site and any information given out.

Permission forms may be accessed Located here on Misticpets.com.
The address to send all permission forms is:
Mistic Media
6801 Leisure Town Rd. #176
Vacaville, CA 95688
United States

Rules Overview
DO NOT give your PASSWORD out to anyone, Misticpets staff will NEVER ask for it!
Do not post links to other pet sites / fansites.
Do not post other pet sites on your profiles.
Do not post other pet site images , or links to those images
(any place on the Misticpets site, including forums, profiles and signatures)
No profanity, swearing, flaming, insulting users or obscene gestures.
No sexual content, sexual images, sexual gestures.
No attacks on or harassment of staff, users, affiliates or associates.
No slanderous, pornographic, threatening or harassing suggestions, comments and/or images.
No posting private messages and/or Mistic mail to any public media without Admin permission.
No pet names or user names that could be considered inappropriate .
No Cheat programs, auto-buying programs, attempts to scam a user in any fashion are allowed.
No flirting, romance or dating for our users. This is not a dating site.
Do not post any personal information that could be used to identify yourself or location.
Do not conduct site business from another website here at Misticpets.
Do not post materials created by another person without their permission.
Pets, Accounts, and content of Misticpets cannot be sold offsite in any manner.
Cash or other site currency sales are not allowed in any circumstance.
Contests that require someone to buy something or pay something to register are not allowed.
No SPAMMING anywhere. SPAM is a useless post, posts consisting of five or less words, posts that include chatspeak, posts that are totally off topic or include excessive smilies, chain letters, etc.
Only ONE account is allowed per user.
Do not attempt to bypass suspension/banning in any way. You will forfeit your right to play Misticpets.
Do NOT cheat. This includes use of cheat or third-party programs or codes in order to win at, or gain points or some advantage from, any Misticpets game or activity. (This includes the browser auto-refresher)
You cannot hold us responsible for site down time, site hacking, or damages to your account and anything contained therein.
You cannot hold us responsible for damage to your computer or charges resulting from your accessing the site.
Do not purchase an item from a shop by any means other than clicking and buying.
Misticpets reserves the right to deem anything, in its sole discretion, as inappropriate for the site.
Users linking to other sites
Do not post links that lead offsite. The following exceptions are noted: DA accounts, Fan Sites or sites that are an extension of Misticpets. (Merchandising store, etc)

Theft issues
Should a member of the site find theft of their works, art, or written, they should immediately contact a member of site admin. If a member should happen to see stolen works belonging to someone they know, they should contact the owner of the work and advise them to report it themselves so that it may be handled properly.

General Information and Legalities
Staff for Misticpets consists of independent contractors, who receive monetary compensation based on invoices for work performed, and volunteers, who do not receive monetary compensation. Neither group is considered employees of Misticpets.

Copyright and Trademarks
All content, images, graphics, scripts, writings and conceptual ideas are all fully copyrighted to Mistic Media. The copying, alteration, re-use and re-distribution of any such matter is strictly prohibited and will be enforced by the fullest extent of the law. Fansites and FanArt is encouraged, however, only non-commercial use is allowed, and you must provide notice of Mistic Media's copyright/trademark in conjunction with the display of your work, and a link to Misticpets.com if it is being displayed offsite.

Limited Privilege to User Use
We here at Misticpets allow access to Misticpets on an "AS IS" basis and provide it at a FREE service to users.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to deny or alter the use of our website and all of it's content to anyone at anytime for any reason. It is a privilege to use and/or otherwise view this site and its contents and as such, these temporary rights may be suspended or revoked either for a period of time or forever as we see fit.  After a period of inactivity exceeding 18 months, accounts are subjec to deletion.

Modification of Misticpets.
We hold the right to modify update and edit Misticpets and member accounts in any way we wish. We reserve the right to alter any content whether it is Misticpets added content or User added content. Any and all images, writings, art, or ideas you submit to Misticpets becomes the property of Misticpets to use as Misticpets wishes and you forfeit all rights to it. Accounts inactive for more than 1 year are at risk of deletion. If you are under age 18, please remember to check with your parents before sending or posting anything. By sending it you have agreed to the above paragraph.

Illegal Acts
If it's illegal in the REAL world then it's illegal on Misticpets and Misticpets will cooperate with the authorities to the fullest on investigations and help with broken laws.

Privacy Policy
We here at Misticpets strive to provide a safe and clean entertainment source for users to enjoy. This is one reason we will never disclose your registration information with anyone. We use "Cookies" only to collect the necessary information in order for you to have an account, such as:

- Username: used to access Misticpets.
- Password: used to access Misticpets (This is encrypted so even Misticpets staff don't know it)
- Email Address: Used for password retrieval and important emails from Staff.
- Date of Birth: Used to help determine age of being under or over the age of 13.
-IP Adresses: Used in account logs, helps combat unauthorized account activity.

With the above information, we also keep comprehensive logs of site conduct, including mail to aid our members in case of scam, harrassment, bugs/glitches or other such circumstances so that we may take action against the offending parties. Mistic Mail is subject to deletion if not saved after a 2 year period.

Misticpets attempts to keep their security up-to-date and to keep all your information very secure. Information will only be disclosed by Misticpets if required to by law.

Refund Policy
Purchases are non refundable, if a member is caught cheating or violating the terms of service and rules of this site. If you encounter an issue and wish a refund, you may contact the owner or Admin to discuss the issues that arise. You must contact us within 3 days of the transaction in question. Please be advised that refunds could jeopardize your account standing on Misticpets.com

Ownership of the name Misticpets includes any web site we maintain related to Misticpets, including but not limited to:

Contact Us
If at anytime you don't understand something, have a question or need help with anything please email us at:
[email protected]