Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 5
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Pirate's Guide to Treasure
Written By Dillon

For years pirates have been burying treasure along the shores of Mistica, and for years people have been combing the beaches looking for these elusive riches. But how do they do it? Well your questions are now answered! Below is a guide written by the most dreaded pirate on the seas... CLARENCE FAIRYWEATHER! In this guide Clarence goes over some tips and tricks to finding treasure, the best of all it's free!

To begin yer treasure hunt ye will need a sea map. Th' only place t' find a real sea map be from a drunken pirate. They be th' most reliable. Howe'er 'tis always a good idee t' enquire about th' booty. Th' best types o' booty include rum, mountains o' dubloons, cursed treasure*, oh did I mention rum? Maps usually include a riddle o' some sort, bein' a buccanneer ye ought t' be able t' use yer natural… smarts t' figure 't ou'.

*If ye venture fer th' cursed booty be sure t' be havin' loads o' trinkets such as shrunken heads, baby’s tears, an' th' li'er o' a horse. Hirin' a mistic may also be a smart decision.

Now before ye set sail ye’ll be needin' a crew. Th' best crews consist o' ten t' twenty men. These pirates ortin' ta be havin' at least two o' th' followin' qualities: peg leg, eye patch, scraggly beard, nay teeth, bad teeth, ragged clothin', dirty clothin', pet parrot, hook fer a hand, an' o' course a love fer rum. Note that if a candidate has taken a bath within th' past five moons they ortin't be considered eligible fer yer crew.

The key t' yer treasure hunt be a good ship. A ship should hold enough rum t' last at least nine moons, an' be able t' house yer crew comfortably. But if th' budget be tight, th' rum’s importance be greater than yer crew. Th' ship also be needin' a name, good names include th' name o' yer mother, yer buxom beauty, or a lost love. Addin' a scary word before th' name be also a good idee as t’ build fear in yer enemies. Ships oughta also be equipped wi' large cannons, these will come in handy if ye be attacked after haulin' yer booty.

Shovels be a pirates best mate… well after rum, booty, parrots, an' wenches. They can be used fer loads o' tasks includin' diggin' fer that elusive booty, attackin' enemy sea dogs, an' buryin' glorious dubloons. Now ye’ll be wantin' a nice sturdy shovel, one wi' a wide blade (makes a bigger impact). Posture be key here, ye’ll want t' be liftin' wi' yer legs nay yer back. Ye don’t want t' be sprawled on th' poop deck durin' yer next sea battle do ye?

Splittin’ th’ booty
Now ye be a seafarin' hearty, so that means ye be havin' nay morals. Ye happiness oughta be yer top priority, so steal as much dubloons as ye can before ye port. Blamin' another seafarin' hearty fer an accident may also be a good way o' gettin' a larger portion o' th' booty. Howe’er be cautious as yer crew may turn against ye, if ye sense this will happen take as much dubloons as th' ships skiff will hold an' abandon them scurvy dogs on th' sea.


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