*munch* - Posted: February 20, 2018

Oh no! It looks like the lovebugs and cooties have begun swarming! Because of their vast numbers, they've gotten a little angsty and have now begun biting!

Only your active pet is subject to being bitten by lovebugs and cooties. When they are bitten they will be afflicted with lovesickness or heartsickness, depending on what kind of infestation critter bit them. When they are lovesick or heartsick your pet will be surrounded by this heart-filled aura. 

To cure them you can buy a love potion from Rosebud at the Gift Shop OR you can feed your pet sweets until all the bites have been healed. Each sweet will reduce the number of bites by a certain amount. While sick, your pet will only eat sweets so anything they actually eat will help cure them. You can see the number of bites they have by visiting their profile. 

Keep in mind that the more cooties and lovebugs that you have on your account will lead to more bites! Good luck braving the sworm, Misticans!


Edit: Despite there being a switch for the bites in the panel, it looks like it will have to be manually turned on by Zara when she returns again. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates this weekend!

~The Misticpets Team

Updates + Behind the Scenes! - Posted: January 4, 2018

We just wanted to quickly updated everyone about a new section that's recently opened up on the forums: Behind the Scenes! 

Click the image above to visit it!

We'll be using this forum as a means to tease new and work in progress content to members as well as post smaller updates. It will also be a place to facilitate discussion between staff and members and a place where you can ask us questions! 

Also, we've included an update about Zara here, but we realize that not everyone checks the forums for updates so we're also copying what was written there and including it below. Thank you all for your patience and we hope you enjoy seeing some of what we're working on for you!


We (the staff) think it's a good idea to update you all about Zarabeythe and why there has been less activity then we had planned for Misticpets.

- - - - -


Zarabeythe went in for surgery on July 20th (2017). It should have been a simple operation with her return to Misticpets within a week's time. From what we heard, however, it did not go well. There were complications that left her with limited use of her left side, and she was placed in a recovery facility and started on physical therapy. We learned this through contact with her husband in August. The next, and last, update we received was in September. Zara had returned home but was still recovering from the surgical complications. She still needed rest to regain her strength.

We wished, and still wish, Zarabeythe the best on her road to recovery. 

- - - - -

So what does Zara's absence mean for Misticpets? We've been working very hard to get around the roadblocks of coding locked features, but some of them are very obvious. We couldn't open Jasper's Circus, we couldn't activate the Gifting Grounds, or the Advent Calender, or Snowball tossing. We won't be able to turn on Lovebugs and Cooties, or Znakes, or Paper Fish (should Zara not have returned by this point).


And, as hard as we've looked, we don't believe we can release new pet colorations either. Or update old ones. This means there won't be new blessings for a while either. The Champion Section of the CS has apparently been turned off, the grace for the month is locked on the Geared Caribyss, etc.

So you'll see some teasers in this board for things that simply can't be updated for a while. We just want to show you, our members, that we are working on things. That there is progress behind the scenes and plans to keep Misticpets active. We'll continue to update everything that we can and get around the "coding wall" to the best of our abilities.

Thank you for sticking around with us during this mess. We're doing what we can for this wonderful community that we love.


From the Ashes - Posted: January 1, 2018

It feels like last year was a rough one for many people, but the air is finally starting to clear. We are left transformed, even if only a little, as the dust settles and we continue on stronger than before. There's one creature in the lands of Mistica that can relate to this rebirth. It rises from dust and ash to live renewed.


Members who purchase $50 worth of MP throughout the month will be rewarded a Phoenix Phelocan Grace. Purchases will stack, meaning you can make two $25 purchases and still get a Grace. There are 50 available, and the running total can be found in Mistic Chat. Please disregard the Geared Caribyss on the purchase page; apparently he's comfortable where he is and we can't get him to leave.

New Year Tidings - Posted: January 1, 2018


First things first, the Credit Shop has been updated! Here are just some of the offerings.

- - - - -


Vending stock has also been switched out!

- - - - -

Droves of Kohal have been spotted on the Diamond Glacier, but they seem to be oddly colored! Any Kohal that comes into contact with a Crystallized Toadstool will adopt their January form!

- - - - -

Now for our Champion Members, you'll be glad to hear we've planned out the ENTIRE YEAR'S champion gifts for you. Some are old, but some will be new. We've got them listed out so we won't fall behind again.

Members who activate a Champion Dust this month will get... a Baby Pandoria Box! Just in time to see Baby New Year change the clock.


*The Champion Gift is manually sent out generally within 24 hours of activation. 7 Day Champions do not receive a Champion gift. More information on Champion Accounts can be found on the Help Site [here].

- - - - -

Keep your eyes out for another news post with more exciting updates!

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Albino Obsideon Beanbag

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