Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 5
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Written By Sleuth Reporter

It was a quiet day in the basement of the Mistca Chronicles offices. The presses were positively flying out the news when suddenly..


Silence took over. Gazing about in bewilderment, the employees of the office looked for the cause. Nothting seemed amiss however and they slowly gathered their wits enough to start cleaning.

Someone called in Rusty, the trusty old mechanic. He came in and set to work. He fiddled with this... he adjusted that. He tweaked the settings there, and changed the paramters here. But still, the ancient machine sat there silent.

Rusty was not one to be discouraged easily. He left the office and came back, more determined than EVER to get the machine back up and running. He knew there were many people waiting to read the articles and find out the monthly contest winners.  He brought in a special cleaner and ran it through the machine.  Still, silence was the machine's only retort.  Rusty paced the basement floor, pondering the predicament that he found himself in.

Quite suddenly, Rusty exclaimed in amazement, "A-HA!"

He rushed out of the basement and came back several days later. Everyone wondered where he had been. He ordered everyone out of the basement, he had some serious work to do. The employees, (who to be honest were quiet bored by this time), were glad to take a forced break. They heard many noises behind those closed doors that led to the basement. There was crashing, and there was clanging. There was even some banging! And then...

There was the sound of a happy working printing press. HUZZAH! Rusty had saved the Mistica Chronicles!


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