Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 4
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Obsideon Tale
Written By SkyHawk

“Let me tell you a story that has been passed down many generations. It is a legend that we tell to our pups before they earn their masks.”

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Written By Dishonor

The dark trees cast haunting shadows on the thick walls of mist surrounding the graveyard. Things seemed to blend together, to meld inside the stifling darkness and the swirling clouds of fog occasionally left their posts near the cemetery’s outer fences to creep into the heart of the burial mound collections.

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Proper Obsideon Care: Pocket Version
Written By By: Professors J/B and S

Overview: Obsidians are very patient pets, but they can also be stubborn. When an Obsideon puts his mind towards something it wants to do, then it can be a struggle to change its views.

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Who's That Degenerate!: The Obsideon Factor
Written By Zen

Welcome, ladies and germs, to another sparkling fresh edition of "Who's That Degenerate!". I'm your host, Reed Fluffenbottom. Here with us today, standing a stately six-foot-two, seven if you include the hair, is the one and only Radovan Hervatskee, DJ DSP.

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