Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 36
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Character Spotlight: Harmony
Written By gemajgall

Everyone with musical talent knows that the best place to go is Heartsong Music. The owner and shopkeeper, Harmony, stocks the highest quality instruments and musical supplies.

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Falling Furniture Causes Mass Panic
Written By Fallout

A beanbag caused chaos and discord when it came barreling out of the sky and into the center of a crowded marketplace Monday evening. The origins of the beanbag, shaped in the likeness of an Arctic Vix, still have yet to be explained.

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What's For Lunch? Part 3
Written By TheBrokenFox

The third installment of “What’s for Lunch?” is finally here! After some research, I am here to report on the foods that the Comeil, Draklaita, and Eledon most enjoy.

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4 Reasons to Fear the Pomme Tree
Written By Caustic

The Pomme Tree has long been a beloved icon of Mistica. It’s always ready and willing to give free food to hungry pets, so how could one possibly think anything of it but good? Well, it turns out you might want to watch your back next time you visit Darkwood Hollow…

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To Gift, or not to Gift
Written By RuthieRox

Now, please don't confuse this with the gifting, giveaway, participation, celebration, birthday type boards.

This is about, larger, gifting, to help people meet large goals.
Like, seeing someone post a "Buying" board for something large, and Then, gifting it. PBs, Token (Vending Machine) items, 
PNT, UNT, etc etc.

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This Month in Mistica: June '12
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

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