Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 3
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Scars Revealed
Written By SkyHawk

I have traveled a very long ways from home. I've climbed mountains, crossed deserts, and even voyaged across the great seas. I've fought all forms of evil of this land and protected those I care for. Yet, I know I have so much more to learn from this world and from its people.

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Written By Hominid

It seems that, even in the wake of pranking wars and angered goddesses, some people never stop being enterprising. Doctor C.F. Malcraft, a current resident of Ravi-Sorin and author of several other allegedly opprobrious books, happens to be one of those people, as has been shown by his recent publishing of a new book. Dramatically named The Devilkin, Malcraft's newest book attempts to explore the roots of imp society through analyses of various folk tales.

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Continuation of MSRPB
Written By Hominid

In the recent weeks, the Mistican Society for the Research of Pandoria Boxes, has held several rallies which are frankly large 'I told you so's.

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Transcript from the Restricted Archives of the Mistica Chronicles Database
Written By Dishonor

Note: The following transcript is taken from an unaired program of the daily Mistica news. You may or may not know, but the updates posted on the �Site News� are all courtesy of a clandestine news operation that is just now coming out publicly, calling itself the Daily Mistica News. This particular reporting session has been shelved due to its sensitive and possibly scandalous content.

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Prank War of 2009
Written By DreamDragon

May 26th started out as a normal day in MIstica. All Misticans and their pets were off to a beautiful day. The only odd part was that Tormic, the shopkeeper had been missing for some time, however all thought he was well.

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