Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 1
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

New Beginnings
Written By Mistic Pets Team

After a very long wait, the first issue of the Mistica Chronicles is here. This day has been a long time coming and a very special thanks goes to all of our writers (past and present) and our amazing coder Paul. Without them, this issue would be a far off dream.

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Top 10 Books
Written By SkyHawk

The top ten books of Mistica were difficult to count up with all the different book submissions, but after counting everything up the results are as followed. This Hawk did not pick these at all and this list was thanks to the community of Mistica and their pets that read these wonderful books. Take a look at some of their top picks!

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Volcan Profile
Written By DreamDragon

Volcan is the legendary dragon that resides inside of the volcano of MIstica's Inferno Terrain. He is well-known for sending many a Mistican on daily quests, and rewards their work with Mistic Cash and valuable items. He is very secretive, and does not speak. He will only communicate with someone telepathically, and only if he feels it's necessary. One the items that can be found if you dig hard enough around Mistica is Volcan's journal. Inside, it gives insight to his past and present. This is just one of the many tales it holds inside...

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Flower Profile
Written By Dishonor

She felt none of the foreboding crackling in the air that she usually did before the lightning bolt struck. This time there had been no warning at all and she had almost breathed a sigh of deep relief at the guessing skills of the pet standing before her. Frothing at the mouth, completely dazed from the impact of the bolt and the shock of having all the charge transferred to her body, Flower lit up as the electricity charged through her.

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Mistican Society for the Research of Pandoria's Boxes
Written By Hominid

As we are probably aware, things that are powerful, mysterious, or otherwise unnatural are usually regarded with a considerable amount of distrust and suspicion. This rule seems to have skipped over a few things in Mistica though, one of which is the enigmatic oddities known as Pandoria's Boxes. They, along with their effects, are cultural norms in Mistica,and they are generally accepted by everyone. Generally.

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