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Top 10 Books
Written By SkyHawk

The top ten books of Mistica were difficult to count up with all the different book submissions, but after counting everything up the results are as followed. This Hawk did not pick these at all and this list was thanks to the community of Mistica and their pets that read these wonderful books. Take a look at some of their top picks!

# 10 Raining Cats and Dogs

Ever heard of the expression it's raining cats and dogs? Well somewhere is Mistica this expression turned true. This book is about the one day it actually rained cats and dogs. It seems like the pets of Mistica are hoping that this will happen again one day.

# 9 Cheran Sticker Book

Pets love sticker books, but they love Cheran sticker books even more. Many pets love to trade and collect these wonderful stickers. Which stickers does your pets have?

# 8 Inferno Terrain Stories

This book contains stories about the Inferno Terrain. The author of this book experienced many of these stories first hand. Even though he has grown old over the years he's still alive so you could visit him and ask about these stories.

# 7 All about Donuts

It seems like the pets of Mistica love donuts! This book has every donut that was ever made in Mistica and locations of the donut shops. No wonder that this book made it to one of the top Mistica books.

# 6 Bed Time Stories

Many pets seem to need a good bed time story. This book contains many short stories around Mistica. Many of these stories are perfect for a good nights sleep. Just be sure not to read it during the day or you will find yourself taking a longer nap them you planned.

# 5 Goruix Romance

With a holiday like Valentines it is no surprise that the pets of Mistica seem interested in romances. The Goruix's seem to have taken center stage as the leaders in romance. Take a peak at this book to see a love story unfolds between two unsuspecting Goruix's.

# 4 Pandora Boxes

This book surprisingly has some very interesting guidelines about the Pandora Boxes. Many pets seem eager to read this book in hopes to prepare for their new looks. Other pets just enjoy reading this book for the interesting facts and they love seeing the preview pictures for each box.

#3 Black Cats

This book has been widely popular on Halloween and still remands just as popular even as the holidays pass. This book contains many different stories of superstitions and some lovely pictures of cats.

#2 Rainbows

Who doesn't like rainbows? This book contains facts about rainbows along with wonderful pictures around Mistica. Many pets seem to brighten their days after reading this brightly colored book. If you ever feel down feel free to pick this book up for your pets.

#1 Tales of Lysithea

It seems like the pets of Mistica are curious about the moon, Lysithea that hovers above in the sky. This number one choice for pet's book contained the most votes by a landslide. Not much is known about Lysithea, but this collect of stories and tales provides some insight. No one knows if these stories are true, but the people of Mistica will sure to discover what is fact and what is myth one day.

Special Thanks

Xeaviel, Kioris, shrc92, Lor, Aredubsi, Roxanne, Erizzle, ChaotixK, Firenze, Vampiress and all their wonderful pets.


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