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Mistican Society for the Research of Pandoria's Boxes
Written By Hominid

As we are probably aware, things that are powerful, mysterious, or otherwise unnatural are usually regarded with a considerable amount of distrust and suspicion. This rule seems to have skipped over a few things in Mistica though, one of which is the enigmatic oddities known as Pandoria's Boxes. They, along with their effects, are cultural norms in Mistica, and they are generally accepted by everyone. Generally.

Recently a group known as the MSRPB, the Mistican Society for the Research of Pandoria's Boxes, has sprung into the public spotlight. The society calls itself a group run simply for the safety and welfare of a culture in which owning and using these boxes is becoming an increasingly common long-term goal. A representative recently spoke as follows:

"We, as a people, are currently using these boxes without fully understanding the way they function. Their effects, in our research, have shown themselves to be more potentially destructive than previously thought.

"Take for example the Terror Box, the subject of many of our tests. Pets exposed to it are shown to become mindlessly violent, even completely crazed, despite any benevolent dispositions held before exposure. This suggests profound but predictable mental changes, which obviously are, in this case, harmful to Mistica as a whole."

"There's also the Boreal Box. On it, we've done only a fraction of the amount of research we did on the Terror Box due to its only recent unveiling, but so far, we are starting to believe that the power of this box goes so far as to corrupt the pet's very essence. Soul, if you wish to think of it as that."

The MSRPB has taken this startling new evidence, and has been holding information rallies in Mistica Kingdom to get the word out. They are not planning, however, to reveal how they have studied and gathered this information.

Regardless, the representative continues, "These disturbing consequences are not limited to the obviously evil, however. I don't think many consider the havoc placed upon a body by the Baby Box! You change and revert a fully-grown adult into something perpetually in the process of growing, as a child's body should, but at the same time not allowing it to change in any way. The Box hasn't been around long enough to study long-term effect on lifespan and health however."

This organization's sudden charge into the media has brought some unease, but they assure us their anonymity beforehand was only to make sure they had correct facts to avoid spreading fear. They promise future, and hopefully regular, updates on their research in the future.


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