Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 32
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Underground Agents
Written By MassacRex3

Ever wonder how Mistica’s staff seem to catch every wrong-doer and acts on the site? Well, I’ll let you in on some of the undercover business that goes on within the team.

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The Adventures of Captain Jack Skillow: Part 6 -- Sprites
Written By gemajgall

“So how do you plan on getting out of this one, Captain?” asked Philip Quick.

He, Captain Jack Skillow, First Mate Dibbs, Wool, 'n Angel th' Anya had been tied t' menacin'-lookin' trees wit' thar arms extended o'er thar heads. A fire nearby had burned down t' its embers, which glowed red like th' Imp eyes that were watchin' them from all angles. They could all smell th' stolen grub cookin' nearby, causin' thar stomachs t' growl.

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Cherandam, Skilloweve and the Pomme Tree's Beginning: Part 1
Written By Amethyst

There are many different beliefs amongst Misticans; while we know our goddess Pandoria created our world, there are still other mysterious to explore. These mysteries ran through the minds of two innocent young Misticans, a Cheran and a Skillow. They were exactly what you would imagine children to be – creative, adventurous, and eager. But it wasn’t until they came upon the great Pomme Tree that their quest began...

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This Month in Mistica: February '12
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!


February is always a big month for celebration, and this year was no different! Infestation had us all swooning and then Benni rang in Revelry with some of his trademark tunes.

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