Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 10
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Written By Ken Kratork

As most of you are already aware, these past few weeks, Misticans from all over have been celebrating our great goddess Pandoria and all of the wonderful gifts that she has given us Misticpets throughout the ages. Eggs and dye have been flying off of the shelves due to the ancient tradition of offering colored eggs to our dear Pandoria to commemorate the day that she first bestowed upon us Hatchipals that would prove invaluable in just about every Mistican’s day-to-day life. The line of those waiting to give their offerings is still stretching around the block – the wait seems to be at least a few days to get to the front! It is amazing what levels of generosity can be found all across this world.

Even with almost every single Misticpet flinging gift-eggs at Pandoria left and right, their charity pales in comparison to Pandoria’s own! An occurrence almost unheard of in today’s capitalist society, the goddess is actually giving away items on her own birthday, including rare pals, foods, and even weapons! However, the most eye-catching and sought-after item is none other than an actual copy of the Pandoria’s Box blueprints.
That is not a misprint and your eyes are not lying to you, fellow Misticans:
Pandoria is giving out blueprints for Pandoria’s Boxes.

If you are deemed kind-hearted and generous enough, you too could get your paws on a copy of this extremely rare and extremely informative document.
Many have been criticizing Pandoria for giving the blueprints out, claiming that making such knowledge available to the public would completely wreck the Mistican economy as everyone and their Gouran starts making mountains of boxes. While I do agree that such massive production of Pandoria’s Boxes would wreak havoc on our economy, I do not think that anyone but Pandoria herself will be making any boxes any time soon. Why, do you ask? It is not because all Misticans are selfless, or innocent, or even generally good creatures. It is because we all lack one crucial element that is absolutely necessary for the production of Pandoria’s boxes: magic.
Since a very large majority of Misticans are in fact not magical, and an even larger number are in fact not all-powerful gods or goddesses, there is no way for any of us to produce Pandoria’s boxes, regardless of whether or not we are in possession of the blueprints.

I understand that, with the excitement of the celebrations that have been going on, it is easy for one to forget such details, so please, Mistica, be informed: unless you happen to be Pandoria, there is no possible way for you to create Pandoria’s boxes.
When a day comes that we somehow gain vast magical powers, however….


Even though we cannot make the boxes, Misticans all over are still grateful for the reading material, as well as all of the many, many, many things that Pandoria has given us over the years to make our lives easier, happier, and more comfortable.

So we thank you, Pandoria, for all that you’ve done, all that you do, and all that you will do in the coming years. We don’t know what we did to deserve you, but it must have been something pretty awesome.

Good night, Mistica, and may Pandoria bless you.


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