Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 10
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Infestation Tips and Tricks
Written By Chao

Infestation is the latest game to have hit Mistica, and like the rest of them it's pretty fun! However, there are quite a number of people here who don't quite know how to get past the 1000 points mark. Well don't worry, I'm here to teach you some small tips and tricks that I and many other top players use!

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How to choose your Mistic Pal
Written By Malik

So you want to get your pet, Fluffy, a pal. But how do you know the right pal to get him if he has a mass-murderer personality or an expensive sense of style? This is a handy, easy guide for readers who may be overwhelmed by the responsibility of picking the perfect pal for your pet.

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Written By Zarabeythe

There are times in our life that we look to those near and dear to our hearts for support through the tough times.  It seems lately, life has decided to throw many trials in my life, and the support and encouragement that I've received from each of you is phenomenal.

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Written By Ken Kratork

Good evening, Mistica -- I’m Ken Kratork, and this is Super Awesome Mistican Action News.

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Pandoria & the Stars
Written By Ryuuko

When Mistica was first created, the night skies were dark and cold...

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