Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 6
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Where did you get this idea of hatchipals?

Asked By Amberroxx

Hatchipals were my invention and my answer to the adoptable pandemic that was sweeping Mistica. Their popularity was growing faster than one of their servers causing our forums and site to lag due to how many were prevalent onsite. So we regretfully had to 'ban' them and prohibit them from being shown. I came up with the idea for growing hatchipals as a way to let members 'grow' pals and interact with each other on the forum. It's worked wonderfully. We actually have an update to the system coming soon that will allow us even greater flexibility and new ways of hatching! I"m very excited!

I have always been curious of what your user name means Zarabeythe sounds very creative. did you create it by combining a few words?

Asked By Kenkou

I have been using this name for quite some time. Since I was about... 11 or so back in Yahoo rpg chats! Originally the name stemmed from a Star Trek Episode entitled, "All of Our Yesterdays". Zarabeth was the human woman that fell in love with Spock. I adapted the name and reworked the spelling.

There have been so many incredible new features added to Mistic lately. If the sky was the absolute limit, what other features would you add?

Asked By Valkyrie

Hmm.. *puts on her thinking cap* If the sky were the absolute limit, I'd love to have some sort of environment where we could interact and play with our pets in 3D. Explore the world and just... dive in. That would be incredible.

Whats your favorite type of sandwich =p.

Asked By Deedlitmon

My favorite sandwich is VERY plain. sourdough bread, mayo and Roast beef. Nothing else! End of story. hehehe

Who does the majority of the finished pet art? Especially the Apocalyptic Siddy?

Asked By Rynn

The majority of our pet art thus far has been by our previous head artist, Charlie. The apocalyptic siddy was done by a former artist as well, her name was Qesque. Currently, many artists are tackling pet art, and working collaboratively to reach the end product. So much care and concern for the site goes into each and every one!

Without saying their names, what are the 5 largest MC Amounts people have?

Asked By Jetflint


What were the 1st 10 Items released on the Site that are either Still in Circulation or Available in Some way?

Asked By Jetflint

Blue Bell Collar
Deluxe Bell Collar
Red Bell Collar
Yellow Bell Collar
Bumblebee slippers
cheran Innertube
Flame Shirt
FLower Sandals
Gourix Inner Tube

Is there any special reason why Mistica's colors seem to be gold, silver and green?

Asked By Sirrush

We came up with the scheme for the independance celebrations when Shari and I bought out the site. Green seemed to fit with the foresty feel that is attributed to the site; while gold and silver seemed festive and fun. :)

If you were stranded on a desert island, which pet, item (on site) and shopkeeper would you want to have with you?

Asked By yaya1234

Hmm... I think I'd love to have my pet Pandoria, a snuggly blankie and probably Pandoria the 'shopkeep'. If she can make Pandoria Boxes from swamp water, I think we'd be whip that island into shape fast enough!

Are there plans to release a new species of pet in the near future?

Asked By Thunderwing

There are quite a few finished species waiting in the wings. We wanted to concentrate on existing pets and the themes that we have for the time being. But they aren't going anywhere... :)

Now that our profiles have been revamped, do you expect to revamp the pet profiles anytime soon?

Asked By Yuko

Yes! Though they will probably not be quite like the user profiles, we do plan on reworking them after we have profiles settled.

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