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Welcome to Issue 48
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

 What do you think is the toughest part of being a moderator? 

Asked By Silcoonsixx

Probably always having a third eye in every corner to make sure we keep everyone safe and happy !

 How hard do you find it to keep a secret when you have an item/event/pet you are really excited to see released? Like do you end up telling your pillow or a non-site member to keep from blabbering? Or are you just that good at holding
Asked By Puredream

Fallout-  Really, really hard. @.@ I sometimes tease my friends that something is coming without telling them what it is. Whenever I have to absolutely tell someone about it, I show my sister since she isn't a site member so it wouldn't be breaking any rules.

Valkyrie- I have a red teddy bear who knows ALL, beyond that I love watching peoples reactions to our events/items, it makes it easy to keep a secret.

What do your families think of your time spent on Misticpets, do they get involved too?

Asked By Corrosion

Valkyrie- My kids think it's awesome, I have 6 playing family members. My older relatives though? They listen to me explain Mistic - pat me on the head and then mutter to one another,"she writes about pretend pets that live in an imaginary place? Oi!" (<-- insert Brooklyn accent here.) 

Fallout- My sister often complains that it "fuels my Internet addiction" (even though most of my time spent on my laptop is actually spent writing over actually using the Internet). My youngest sister is a member as well, so she's often looking out for anything I wrote. My dad is either indifferent or has no idea that I'm a staff member on any website, even though I'm sure I've told him at some point, and my mom was actually congratulating me when I got accepted because I told her that's I'd applied. My sisters sometimes help out by suggesting things when I get stuck on item descriptions. I can't remember which one, but there's actually an item on site where the description actually came from my sister, but that's typically the extent of their involvement.

Pet artists, out of curiosity, how long does it generally take to complete a pet image? What themes do you find easier or harder than others? Are there are currently unreleased species/theme combos that you're looking forward to, or that you
Asked By Krystal

Thanatoast- Time… In total? Probably 5-6 hours for the actual work, at least a week when I factor in the critique process that every pet goes through. Some themes are definitely harder than others; daydream is hard for me because it usually means fitting some huge wings into the canvas. Its more pets that are hard for me than themes; I have trouble with belragoths (huge wings), caribyss (there's only so many ways you can pose a shark), inarbu (BEARS o9!!), and stignitus (ungulates…). I'd love to see an insect-like pet on site sometime. I don't do much in terms of items, but they're usually finished in an hour to an hour and a half. I hate doing books because they're difficult to make interesting and unique. I use Fire Alpaca for my sketches and linework, and Photoshop CS5 for colors

Has there ever been talk of an app for Mistic on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store?

Asked By Dovahkiin


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