Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

What would you do if you got a real Hippalo?

Asked By Lepidoptera

Immortal -  If I got a real Hippalo, I'd probably put him in my pool and he'd be my pool buddy. LOL.  Fuzzy Hippalo pillow would be amazing.

 If it was happy, I'd ride it around everywhere! If sad, I'd definitely give it back and demand a refund because one crying machine around here is enough. x.x

Hi, hi, Mistic staffers! Tell me, if you could have any Misticpet or Misticpal species as a pet in real life, what would you choose and why? c:

Asked By Krystal

Fallout- That's a tough one. On one hand, I love the Lirionox pet. I've always loved dogs and I like their personalities as loyal guard dogs. Loyalty is always something that I've valued in an animal and I like the added security of knowing that mine would protect me if something happened. On the other hand, I also really love Clockroaches. They're adorable! I like to imagine they make little Atari noises when they scurry and it would be fun to carry something like that around in my pocket.

Jazmyn- I would chose a Skwillow because I aboslutely love love LOVE birds!

Zara- This is a HARD one. I'd have to say though, a Belragoth. I mean, it's a dragon! Big enough to be useful too, and carry me places. I'd never complain about having to run to the store again. I had to take my son and husband into account too, and they are both dragon fanatics.

Do the staff have any fun facts about stuff (like items/Descriptions, etc) on site?? 


Asked By Betamon

Caustic-  I based the Sambucus Wand's description and name off the Elder Wand from Harry Potter.

 Fallout- The description for the Sunny Goldfish Carnival Prize mentions naming the fish Timmy. I did that as a shout-out to my dad, Timothy.
Also, the Red Sled description was a stealth shout out to my personal favorite comic strip and comedic inspiration, Calvin and Hobbes.

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