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Welcome to Issue 4
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Could you make a pop-up for when you hit Logout, or maybe move it away from your Active Pet? I randomly accidentally log out when I try to view my pets :P Any plans on releasing that red/white lion-like pal (confirmed by Zara a while ago) that was
Asked By Feathertouch

We can certainly look into that Feathertouch. Can't promise anything, but I will be asking Paul about the possibility in regards to a popup, or a confirmation screen for logging out. ~Zara

The lion-like pal isn't avaliable in pal form due to my own negligence; I drew it for the banner and have since forgotten to make an item out of it! Oops!] - LazyKat

If a pet isn't available in a certain theme, it's our goal to make it so. -LazyKat

The helpsite needs a lot of love. The coding is an absolute mess unfortunately. We have talked about working on it once we get a few more additions/features under our belt at the main site. Impulse was kind enough to include it in the sale of the mainsite, but we have had our hands so full learning the ropes of owning the site entirely! ~Zara

When did you guy first come up with the idea of each pet? ( say you saw a bird and it gave you an idea on the skillow) Will there be eny alien pet from the different moons? And what acctualy lives on the three moons?
Asked By jord22

You may find many connections between the animals and creatures of Mistica and that of the real-world, it may be a fun game to see how many you can list, and which ones stump you :D.
Who knows what lives on those cold, forbidding moons? *shivers*

when will another box be made? how do you come up with misticpets site holidays? like mistmas? when will the staff be hiring more writers? why cant i get a box? X3 (not a real question. think of it as a rant. D:) are lirionexes going to have a ne
Asked By X_bricked_X

Goodness, what an inquiring mind! That's what I like to see :D.
There's no 'due date' for new boxes, although we take several suggestions in and do our best to accommodate. We always have several designs in the 'blender', so who knows? ;)
Mistic holidays are often inspired by real-world holidays. However, we like the users to think of Mistica as a world in it's own right, to allow them to become immersed in it, so we celebrate holidays as they developed in the world of Mistica.
Perhaps you haven't pleased Pandoria? She's such a demanding Braenon! Pft. Oh well, keep clicking those REs, perhaps a pixie will drop you something special!
Lirionox will receive their themes in due time. Believe you me, we don't want any pets left in the cold! We're just as concerned with getting the numbers of what pets have what themes balanced as our members are :)

Regarding writing apps, they are open RIGHT NOW! Please gather your application, ( You can check the site news, it was announced a few days ago) and send it it!

When will you get more box choses for the harabua? (like daydream and nightmare)

Asked By SorrelTail

Often we hoard a certain box colour for 'pet days' or times when a theme is particularly appropriate (October for the 'spooky' boxes, December for the wintry ones, so forth). We want there to be a steady flow of choices to give users something to always look forward too. However, it is our sincerest desire to provide all pets in all boxes, but it will take time, and by then we may have even more pets, and even more boxes! Ah, will it ever end?

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