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Welcome to Issue 34
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

I wanted to ask you guys though, what is your absolute favorite flavor of Ice Cream?!!

Asked By LionessesDen

RuthieRox = I love Vanilla Bean. Plain old VB! And best with some
fresh diced strawberries and a little sprinkle of sugar 

Zarabeythe = I'm with Ruthie! Plain old Vanilla Bean. SO yummy! However, I like my toppings to be rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream!

Sofa = I absolutely adore Honeycomb flavoured ice cream, but it's in the running with Rum and Raisin, too! As far as toppings go, like Ruthie, I love fresh Strawberries.

= I'm obsessed with oreos, so I'm going to say cookies & cream! Put a little whipped cream on top and extra crushed oreos, and I'll do just about anything!

=My turn to agree with Rex! I absolutely love eating icecream with crushed or chunky stuff in it, and cookies 'n cream has most definitely got to be my favorite. 

Do any of you read manga/manwha, and if so, what is your favorite genre?

Asked By black_shadow

Skyleigh=I don't really read any Manga, since I haven't really had the chance to get into it or anything. However, I do have a couple of friends who enjoy Manga! If I were to get into it, 
I think I might enjoy something with a bit of adventure!

= I used to watch so many... My cousin is Victor Migogna (english voice actor for Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist), so I watched that for a bit, along with Bleach, Death Note, Blood+, .Hack, Naruto, and so many others. I don't have the time to really get into any anymore. /: I have read some Manga. Some include +Anima, Aria, Sakura Taison, Kingdom Hearts, Tokyo Mew Mew, Neon Genesis Evangelion Angels, Jeanne, The Dreaming, and Tsubasa. I wish I had time for others. /:

 = Like Sky, I don't read or watch a lot of Manga and what not, but I did watch some Bleach with one of my Japanese friends. It certainly was interesting, and I should get into it more!

 = It has been a long time since I read any Anime/Manga. In HS, I did dive into some Sailor Moon, and I was slightly obsessed... I had all the movies (subtitled!) and a friend and I taped every North American Episode as well. :p 

What is your favorite part about being an Admin? Your least favorite part? (if you'd like to answer that)

Asked By Masquerade

My favorite part, would be seeing new members come in all excited and wanting to learn all about the site.  And, odd as it may sound, being able to fix things I can, quickly, to make thingsa bit easier for members having troubles.

My least favorite thing ... Having to contact member over "silly" smaller rules issues. I feel like such a meanie, and im sure to 
members, it seems so petty at times. But, all the rules, no matter how small, are there for reasons. Most the time, it is to prevent larger issues down the road.  And, though it rarely happens at all, it really stinks to find a member who may be really popular, well known, and discover some naughty thing going on. Its very disheartening and can crash one's spirits and ruin an otherwise great day.

I would like to know what is your favorite type of pet and why? 

Asked By LionessesDen

Skyleigh-In response to my favorite pet onsite, it's definitely got to be the Cheran! They are most definitely my favorite species of all, they just look so adorable and friendly...my Cheran item-hoarding and Cheran pet collection should definitely prove my obsession with them!
As for my favorite real-world pet, I think it would have to be a bunny...I've always wanted one, but never actually have gotten the opportunity. We do have a Shi-Tzu though, so I'm pretty fond of little dogs as well!

 - Well, there are different levels on this one. Being a retired Vet Tech, I have been exposed to so many amazing animals. 
For pets I can actually own ... I love my Tarantulas. They actually do have different personalities and interesting behaviors.
For animals I can't actually own ... I love Giraffes! They just seem so graceful and peaceful. Though, that little tinge of mean streak is just enough to keep any distance.

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