Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 3
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Why do you love elephants so much?
Asked By Vampersteen

Years ago I read a book called The White Bone. It was told from an elephants point of view using all of the facts people have compiled. I had never known that they felt so many emotions and were so family oriented. I fell in love with the main character, Mud.

How the heck do you find the time to spend hours on MisticPets and rack up an unearthly post count? Hoooow?!
Asked By Vampersteen

Heehee, I'm magical that's why. Haha, no, I just love chatting with you all.

Is there something raven being worked on? Like a Hatchi or something - Rae needs this.
Asked By rav3n

There is already a non-hatchi raven pal, the Narikia (unless that's a crow), but in regards to Hatchis? I shalt not say, mostly because I don't know, but also partially out of a desire to provide you with a long but mostly pointless semi-answer. How's that?

Is there a Boreal Haruba, and if not, please release one soon.
Asked By rav3n

That is more of a request than a question. =O (This is more of a statement than an answer. XD) ~Spot
As of now, there is no Boreal Haruba, but since we hope to someday have a pet of each theme, you'll probably see one soon! ~Dishonor

What new types of boxes do you have in the works?
Asked By Erizzle

Amazing boxes. Charlie is amazing, and rocks my socks with the awesomeness he comes up with. *__* How do you do it, Charlie? Hooow. *tries to leech talent of off him*-Spot
We always have exciting new things in the works, including boxes! But most of the fun is in the surprise! =D - Zebra

Will all the pets eventually get to be of each theme? Perchance a Storm Skillow?
Asked By faeriella

Eventually, all pets will be available in all themes. Or, at least, if there isn't a pet in a particular theme, there will be eventually.

Are the staff planning to do something with the Rordon gold?
Asked By Velvet

*whistles* Maybe

What do you guys plan to do for the battle portal revamp?
Asked By ChaotixK

That.. is a secret. :O But I will say. It will be nostalgic. -Zen
Heehee nostalgic indeed. -*smirk* -Xeaviel
*dances with excitement* - Zebra
-has no idea what they're talking about- -Tien

I don't know if this has been asked before, but which is your favorite pomme and why?
Asked By glamourgirl

Pomme Poultry because it looks like a bird and I love birds~SkyHawk
My favorite Pomme... hmm. Hard to pick. I love the Pomme Poultry, but I'm also fond of the Pommerainian and the pun pommes (Pomme Pilot still cracks me up). ~Spot
Hm...My favorite will have to be the Clockwork Pomme. Just because I love the movie that it refers too xD -Xeaviel
I feel like a putz for choosing a bunch that I drew...but they're just so punny! Pomme Pilot, Pomme Aide and Pommeade. Pommegranite...Clockwork Pomme isn't punny, but I like the reference and it was fun to draw. =D - Zebra

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