Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 21
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Will there ever be a hatchi collection medal or trophy? D: I know that hatchis keep adding and adding, but I\'d like one ;.; *snuggles my hatchis*

Asked By lovesnuffles

There is room for all sorts of collections. I wouldn't rule ANYTHING out at this point in time. :)

Also are you allowed to say if there will be a name release again soon?

Asked By Oppey

We try to have them pretty regularly.  With the summer coming up, I can see one coming fairly soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the newspost!

Stignightus! *flails* Need More! Now, that that`s out of my system. Seriously, I love them ^^ Are they ever available beyond the Mistmas? ;)

Asked By Valkyrie

Stignightus are not a Mistmas only pet!  They will be peeking in very soon, so stay tuned, especially if you are waiting on one of these!

Can you give us a hint at what\'s coming up with Random Events?

Asked By Masterpiece

We just wanted to clear the slate and start new, bring back some standards, but maybe give them a twist. Make some of the more interactive and not so many 'nothing happens' ones.   They'll be back soon! Then comes the hard part, do you accept them... or play it safe?

And I have a question! Why don\'t Bels have many themes? >_<

Asked By SuperSheep

Belragoths are pretty hard species to draw from what I gather, I think it comes down to their wings and fitting their massive bodies into the space allotted.  But we will have to remedy this coming up.

Are the stocks coming back?

Asked By glamourgirl

Yes, we do hope they will be coming back. The previous system was a disgrace which is why it was brought down.  We are investigating ways to make the feature better and more interactive.  But we have a few other, larger issues on our plate before we get to that. Stay tuned!

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