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Welcome to Issue 17
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Have you, Zara, in the course of being the administrator, learned how to code things yourself from watching the coders?

Asked By Baineshee

I have learned quite a few things. A LOT more since Paul became my partner in crime. He reallly takes time to walk me through things and I've been able to do a little bit here and there. It's all been SO interesting and I love learning more about the site and being able to help even more is awesome. I hope to take some php courses very soon too.

I have a question for Paul! How on earth do you code everythiing on misticpets? :D

We really appreciate your hard work ^^

Asked By EragonGal198

I don't really code everything; for example the flash games and the amazing layouts you see are not down to me. I try to code anything that is thrown at me; but I get alot of enjoyment out of what I do so I think that itself keeps me going. Sometimes I lose my mojo when some members aren't won over by what we try to do; but then as you get older you realise you can't please everyone so you just try to do your best. I work with a wonderful team of people and that itself is another major factor in why you keep going; I find it hard to believe I have been with Mistica over a year now; it only seems like yesterday when I started!

What do you like best about Mistic?

Asked By Repose

I do love the Ruins.  You get to donate to others and when you dig items up you never know what your gonna get! Its like finding treasure on the beach with a metal detector!

I love its people the most, followed closely by the art. We have one of the best communities out there, with so many willing and generous Misticans, it's hard to love them.

Favourite item or item description? ^^

Asked By Repose

I'm going to be obvious and go with the Ashes...I really can't think of an item to top it! It's beautiful and the description is so eloquent. :)

Baby Daraa Jelly Plushie  and the description!  its just adorable!

What gave you the idea to create Hatchipals?

Asked By SinLigereep

We were having a really tough time with the various hatching adoptables that were such a craze a few years ago. My idea with the hatchis was to have a more interactive 'pal', that would increase forum activity and encourage the community to be more social. It's worked pretty well with the most diligent hatchers forming the core of the Hatchipal board. XD  It really came to life wonderfully.

How\'d you feel staying up so long to get the new server? I know I could never be patient enough for something that long!

Asked By Bramblepelt

It was beyond frustrating. In the end it was worth it though, I really couldn't sleep knowing the site was down so I had to see it through. There was a lot that I couldn't really envision and anticipate concerning the move, but it was great to have suppoort from the community and the staff that helped me keep my sanity that night. XD

Will there be any new games in the future or are currently in the works?

Asked By Flitt

We are always working on stuff for release. Games/activities.. we are always trying to give the members more to 'do' around Mistica. So.. yes hopefully soon!

Are you going to revamp profiles more?

Asked By Bramblepelt

We continuously make improvements on the profile. We hope to allow custom CSS at some point, with tutorials and guides. :) In the meantime, the profiles that we do have are VERY versatile, I've seen some amazing work done with what we have!

When will that avatar contest be back?

Asked By Erizzle

We are looking into bringing back the competition at some point. :)

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