Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 16
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

What gave you the idea to start a petsite, Zara? Was it something you always wanted to do or did it just kind of... happen?

Asked By SuperSheep

I can't take credit for the creation of the Mistic, just most of the growth and continuation fo this amazing world.

I actually joined the Mistic team as a writer, almost a year before Opening. :) I worked my way to Lead Writer, and eventually Admin. When the site was sold by the creator/owner SuperTurtle to Impulse, he recommended me to be Site Manager and work with the staff to maintain the site under Impulse's ownership. After two years of this, Mistica gained its independence and we started forging our path to our current state!

So I guess the answer is, it just kind of happened! I had volunteered writing/admining before on other petsites, but Mistica was home. The community and staff were a family that I knew I could count on and we created something all together that is pretty darn wonderful.

I\'ve got one! When its a staffers Birthday, do they get a free... er, copy, of the item that is made in their honour? Since you know, its their Birthday, and they don\'t get paid... and its in their honour XD It would be a nice thought, if the
Asked By FeatherTouch

Yes! They do get sent their special item. Also, if an artist requests items that they have done, I've always done my best to send the item over for gallery purposes. I eventually hope to have an automatic system in place though. :p

Where do you get all the ideas for the site?  Surely they don\'t all just pop into your head!


Asked By InOrbit

A lot of the time yeah... ideas get discussed, talked about and brainstormed on all the time with various staffers. We crumple it up, kick it around, make notes and make airplanes with the various ideas. Then we hold airplane acrobatic contests  and see which airplanes can make it through to the end. Then we work on the ones that make it through all of that. :p

What\'s the secret code to get into the hidden basement where you hide all of the staff that you enslave work for you? ;D

Asked By Afterglow





WAIT a second, I'm not going to fall for that! The penguins are watching you Frey.. *shifty eyes*

How challenging was it to get Misticpets to the point where it is today? What was one of the most difficult things you faced? What would you say was one of Misticpets\'s greatest moments?

Asked By Blondehearts

It has been incredibly difficult to get to the point we are at today. We would never be where we are without the support of ALL of the staff and our amazing community. We are making headway at getting the new year off to a great start, and things are going really well behind the scenes, so hopefully you guys will all notice!

One of the most difficult things we faced would have to be the rollbacks we had to endure under Impulse. Though it helped us come back stronger and more secure, it was heartbreaking to endure and recreate so much quite a few times. It wasn't just accounts and items lost, it was weeks of work that the staff did as well.

And one of Mistic's greatest moments? I can remember having 300 people online at once. It was an amazing site. And I'm sure we heading back in that direction.  :D That was a great moment!


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