Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 12
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

What does a snozberry taste like? x3

Asked By Chao

A snozberry tastes like a very, very salty combination between a lime and a grape. It's an acquired taste.

Soo, what makes you staff so awesome? Especially the writers. Man, are they amazing! Especially that there Ryuuko gal. Yep

Asked By RyuukosEvilTwin

We survive on a diet composed of Chuck Norris's fists and hotwings. That’s why.

What's your favorite misticpet species? Why?

Asked By muddy1235

Richy: Skillow.. it's the closest to a hummingbird I can get.

Whitefoxfire: Breanon: I'mma Fox stink. Kinda have to stick up for your species, right?

Ryuuko: Eugh. Uh. Bel. Just because I love dragons.

Lady_Bathory: Cherans! I’ve loved them since the day I joined. I even made my very first pet Tim a Cheran. They are just an adorable and versatile species with so many wonderful themes it’s impossible not get them all!

"What are your inspirations for all those wonderful pet themes you draw?"

Asked By Nessy

Making the members happy and also improving yourself with every new image you draw, I suppose.

"I'm still dying to know if there will be deputy jobs. (Part time/ People while staff aren't here that temporary fill the spot). If there will be... *dies of happiness*"

Asked By Erizzle

I do not see part time staffers on Mistic anytime in the near future. There are some staff members for one reason or another that may at one point or another be downgraded to part time quota work, but for the most part, we all have set duties that require a decent time commitment.

"I also want to know, what's with all those shopkeepers that seem transgender? (I always thought sunny and kandy were girls, right?.... Right?)"

Asked By Erizzle

Ryuuko: Because Makoto has access to a Genderbug farm. And he's a jerk.

Zara: Genderbugs are horrid little creatures.

Hrmm... Will Misticpets ever have a headquarters place where the staff go? =o

Asked By Rynn

We do, it's in a basement. I lock Paul in there all the time.  He prefers his box. Sometimes the penguins lock us in until we agree to a new feature for them.

Do you all plan to update the battle portal soon? C:

Asked By Krystal

Paul has some plans up his sleeve and he's gotten some great feedback from members. It's definitely something that I've been wanting for Mistic for quite a while.

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