Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 9
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Adventure and enthusiasm are your keywords, Aries, but try to curb your impulsiveness somewhat or you might find yourself in a bit of an altercation at the Iztair ruins this month. It's one dig for every item donated and I'm afraid that doesn't include tunneling.


A calm and collected sign, Taurins are determined, sensual creatures whose power in strength is beyond commendable. There is, however an intense dislike of change at the root of all Taurin feeling - just be sure it's not so strong that you have trouble at the bank.


Knowledgeable, curious and adept, Gemini are often well-experienced in all facets of life. You do have a bit of a impish side to you though. As long as you're aware of it, you should be fine - just don't let your mischievousness get the best of you this month. Remember; pranking was only acceptable during the war.


Let's see here. Cancers are enigmas, contradictions, moody, changeable, mysterious, magical...well, those qualities are pretty interesting, but they seem like if they're all put together it could make for a strong, moody, evil ruler. So don't do that, okay? Because that description sounds suspiciously like Queen Bo ---


Be brave and stay strong, Leo. Always the adventurous type, I urge you to go where your heart takes you this month. But pride is your worst enemy. Beware; if you're not careful, it could end up being your downfall. Incidentally, a pride of Harubians has been looking for you. They say you owe them money...


As a compassionate, loyal person, Virgo, your sensitivity and understanding are abilities that allow you to make firm friends with practically anyone you meet. Just remember that despite what "How to Form an Angry Mob" says, there's a very big difference between "friends" and "accomplices."


Fortune smiles down upon you this month, Libra, luckiest of signs. Your inherent charm complements your business sense beautifully, and that has never been more apparent than this month when you try to rob an angry Belragoth of his treasure, then have to sweet talk your way out of the situation. Best of luck!


You're the most powerful sign out there, Scorpio and I urge you to exercise that right with discretion this month. Added to your attitude and your uncanny ability to always come out of any situation as the winner, you are a formidable opponent to take on. So remember - just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. That being said, I hear Altered was looking at you funny. It might be time to go show him who's boss.


As a Sagittarius, your heart is as big as the sky and your optimism is a standard you uphold that makes others jealous. Take comfort in these positive aspects of yourself when your open honesty gets you into trouble during Volcan's quest this month. You're just a truthful person by nature. It's not your fault that he's so sensitive to criticism.


Practical, yet willing to give unusual approaches a shot, your methods will pay off tenfold this month, Capricorn, when you make a small fortune selling people's junk back to them for insane prices. In addition, you're guaranteed to become more good-looking by the day - you will start to notice people swooning all over you left and right and...Bob! Get out of here. What are you doing?!


Intellectual and innovative, you definitely don't do things like everyone else. Your non-conformist attitudes are a gift that lets you find unusual ways to deal with challenges - except when it comes to alchemy. No matter how many times you try, there is still going to be only one way to do the recipe. King Blithe is getting embarrassed.


Most artistic of all the signs, your genuine talent for fashion and innovative art will explode this month as creativity yields better results for you than ever before. Even Achryli will be impressed by your work. However, she refuses to associate with artists (no matter how talented) unless they have at least three piercings. So work on your body modification count this month.

Written By Jahzara

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