Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 84
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Slow down Aries, there can never be too much organization in your life. Take the time to focus on your work and set other concerns aside, it will have benefits in other areas of your life.


Take some time to stop and watch the people around you. They can be both funny and inspiring in so many ways, watch and learn!


Be proud of what you\'ve accomplished! Don\'t get sucked into the drama, keep your head above it and your life will fill with light.


Let them eat cake! Focus on yourself, and let the world go Cancer. Now is a prime time to do some soul searching and find the truths within yourself.


You don\'t have to say yes to everything dear Leo. Say no when you need to, and when you find the direction you need to take? Go and don\'t look back.


You are on fire Virgo! Full speed ahead, and crossing every T and dotting every I.  You will have many people very proud of you today, but don\'t forget to savor it yourself!


Sometimes the past doesn\'t stay in the past. Embrace those that might greet you from the dim recesses of your memory, they could have something important to add to your life.


Think big, but don\'t lose your cool! Take charge of your feelings, and make a dramatic statement, and stick to it.


One year, such a short period of time. Lay the groundwork now, and you can see some dramatic changes in just one years time. Fantasize and take small steps that will add up over time.


People are starting to take notice. Stand up straight and move forward into the rich future you deserve. Now is not the time to slacken your pace!


Stay focused, or things will become unraveled fast Aquarius! Even if you don\'t feel that spark of creativity, stick with what you know and build on it at a later date. Inspiration will come, have some faith!


The world is a big place, stick with the comfortable today and wait for the moment everything just settles into place. It\'ll come, so have some patience.

Written By Jahzara

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