Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 70
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Did you know that Pandoria is an Aries too? Well now you know, because we here at Misticpets believe that knowledge is important.


Try saving some money this month by getting your groceries from the dumpster behind Mistica Cuisine. Bud the Bum informs us that it's a great place to find free food.


Forget to buy Ostara candy the night before the big Ostara hunt? Finally, now you have a use for all that leftover Lanturnacht candy your kids never ate!


Remember during the first thunderstorm of spring that it isn't supposed to rain indoors. Perhaps now is the perfect time to get that roof fixed?


Pandoria forgives belated birthday presents. However you might not appreciate them as much, so you might want to map out where you hid all the Ostara eggs, unless you don't mind when your entire house smells like a wild mericai three weeks from now...


'Tis the season for cirrus and nimbus pets, running through fields of clover and daffodils, and tiny pixies screaming at you because that toadstool you just stepped on was their summer home. Always remember to run through the Hollow responsibly!


An angry Ostara ricket will egg your house sometime this month. Perhaps you should have remembered to pay him for taking that photo with your pets at the mall.


Now that the warm weather of spring is here, we recommend that you boot your pets outside and force them to play before summer comes and it's too hot for them to do anything again.


In hindsight, painting the eggs the same exact color as the grass so no one could find them was only amusing until the hunt took too long and the smell of eggs started attracting the stragglers from last month's Whacking Day into the garden...


April showers bring May flowers. Also hay fever. Stock up on umbrellas and allergy pills while you still can.


That is not an Ostara egg that your kids found at the big egg hunt. Also it might have hatched. Sleep soundly tonight!


Don't drink the tap water at Clayton's house (this will all make sense to you next week).

Written By Fallout

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