Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 61
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Explore new possibilities! Read a new book this month or pop on over to Spooky Creations to try something new! You might regret the last one later, but at least you can say that you did it.


Don't trust the guy in Room 2B who smells like carrots and offers a discount on talismans for they are shameless knock-offs of Daedal's work and not as shiny or magically delicious when chewed on by mischievous pets.


You will suffer a terrible loss this month. For the record though, Kalla Lilly did warn you to water your plants frequently and keep them away from hungry leaflings.


The heavens smile upon you this month. They say that they won't shine the moonlight directly through your window and into your eyes while you're trying to sleep at night for once.


Try talking to someone you don't normally talk to and see what you may learn from them. Perhaps the Strange Traveler has some sort of secret that he doesn't normally like to let on to?


We don't want to freak you out or anything, but we should warn you to always be paranoid this month, particularly if you're at Flaming Treats and Kyro offers you free samples of something called “Omega Death Sauce”.


Rickets make good pets, but not so much when most of your furniture is made out of tasty wood.


The stars have asked us to inform you that your missing car keys are behind the dining room cabinet. Also, you might want to make an investment in a cage for your vix before he swipes them again.


There are many amazing things hiding that you may not see right away. That flower bush over there hides a cute little bumblebee! That cookie jar over there hides some tasty slice cookies! Your closet hides your haruba, who is waiting for you to get up to get ready for work in the morning so he can pounce on your head!


The stars appear before us as random, bright lights. Clearly this means that you are about to be assaulted by fireflows sometime this month.


Steer clear of a metal band with a scary name like “Face Punching Grandma”. To be sure that you don't accidentally stumble upon them, you should totally give away your tickets for the Kingdom Village Metal Festival to Harmony ASAP.


We're not sure why yet, but these words will mean something to you sometime this month: fish, potatoes, white, typewriter, sesquipedalian.

Written By Fallout

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