Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 58
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Open your mind and let your spirit soar as you embrace the next step of your journey.


Narrow your focus and keep your goal in sight as you move forward with your project.


Though you normally can be called a smooth operator, you may want to work on a few rough edges that have shown up lately. You\'ll feel better if you take some time to focus inward.


Relax and listen to your loved ones with your heart. No offense was given, though your head may be too filled with doubt to notice. Lean on your support, they are there for you.


The world has rolled out the red carpet and there\'s going to be a warm welcome in the days to come. Use this time to prepare for what could be muddy waters up ahead.


You may want to slow down and enjoy what the world has to offer you. Sometimes we focus on a far away goal and ignore the bounty that\'s laid before us along the way.


Sometimes resistance can be the counterweight that we need to catapault us to the next level. Pay attention  to those that may seem like hard lessons, they could be the stepping stone you need to reach the top.


You love the wonder of the uknown and savor all the possibilites before you. you need to pick a path and use that energy to barrell down it to meet your destiny.


You may be approaching the top hill of a rollercoaster, and you should savor the exhillerating feelings it inspires. Sooner or later you\'lll hit a dip in the ride of life and memories of your feelings now will sustain you.


Change can be hard, but sometimes you need to take stock of where you are and the way it affects the people closest to you.  Take some time to focus your energy and dive into some hard topics, personal growth is well worth the risk!


Are you ready for all eyes to be on you Aquarius? Get ready to take your spot center stage and for the round of applause heading your way.


The past is the past, and you've dealt with it and moved on. Don\'t be afraid of what the future holds, though it may try to throw you a curveball, you can meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Written By Jahzara

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