Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 52
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Take a walk. Read a book. Feed the Skillows in the park. Anything is better than sitting around all day, waiting for something to happen.


You will be visited this month by an angry Phelocan, and he'll probably steal your cheese.


Remember this when you visit the circus this year: don't eat any free food given to you by a Vix with a peg leg.


Better ditch that bucket for a pillowcase, because the signs tell me that you will have a bountiful candy harvest this Lanturnacht.


Hungry? Thirsty? Why not head down to Keilly's Cafe for some pommekin tea with a complimentary side of fresh-baked white chocolate cranberry cookies! *this horoscope brought to you by Keilly's Cafe: For that delicious fall taste, you can't go wrong with Keilly!*


Be sure to visit the house down the street first. You know the one, it's the house with the ghosts hanging from the trees and the black and white cat sitting on the windowsill that may or may not be a real live Anya. Rumor has it that they have the best candy this year.


You will be haunted by the mischievous spirits of marshmallow ghosts. You could eat them to get rid of them, but that'll probably make you the monster.


A talking pommekin will tell you the location of Captain Jack Skillow's buried treasure. This will be a sign that you need to ease off all the bat taffies and gummy bones you ate in the past hour.


Ready the hose or station an oceanic pet on the roof; you'll have to ward off many vengeful pranksters this year when they find out you're the jerk handing out toothbrushes and carrot sticks.


Pandoria has arranged the stars in a warning this month: stomachaches, cavities, endless bills from the costume shop...it's Lanturnacht season I see.


Bundle up warmly as it's going to be cold this season in Mistica. Apparently you're about to get new neighbors in the form of frost pets.


If you're wondering what to wear for Lanturnacht, never fear, for the planetary alignments have got you covered! Think an anthropomorphic comet...or a burning ball of space gas.

Written By Fallout

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