Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 48
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


The warm weather is making you want a nice Italian ice right about now, but all Freezy Treats has in stock is melted ice cream cones? Perhaps it's a good time to learn a new skill and make your own Italian ice. Then you can sell it for cheaper and make a fortune while putting Sebastion out of business, because vengeance is just as sweet as ice cream and probably just as likely to give you a brain freeze in the end.


This month you should always remember to beware of the Purple-Throated Pudding Stealer. You won't understand what that means now, but trust us, you will in a couple of weeks.


Reinvent yourself this summer by buying all new clothes and getting a new style. Because seriously, unless you live in Blizzard's Realm, you're going to be hot underneath all those sweatshirts.


Pay attention to where the winds take you. They just might lead you to that elusive butterfly you've been trying to catch in Forest Finds. Of course they might just as easily be jerks and try to lead you to fall off some rocks into the creek, so exercise caution when following.


Here is a valuable tip that we feel will come in handy this month: When you go to that big summer bash in your friend's backyard, remember that that Bizzer hive hanging from the tree is not a pinata, no matter how many times your friend of questionable intelligence tries to convince you it is.


Perhaps you should consider improving your life this month. May we suggest improving the life of another as well and adopting a homeless orphan from the pet pound?


Watch out for that Purple Rainbow Scout. She's a shifty one...if you were expecting a horoscope, then maybe you should ask her to stop flying through the sky everytime we try to look at the planetary alignments for you.


Stay out of Darkwood Hollow this summer. The stars show us visions of your camping trip ending with an odd encounter with an Inarbu wearing jogging pants. Just take our word for it.


Enjoy the summer while you still can. The planets imply that this fall's going to be a doozy.


Things don't always go according to plan. You don't save up enough for that credit shop item you wanted in time. You forget to water your garden and all your Gladishes die. You realize that you can't hold your breath long enough to swim to the Sango Reef. Plan better and get some scuba gear and you can try again next time.


You are currently sitting on the throne of victory made out of all the pillow pets you've collected during last month's pillow fight. How does the success feel? Don't get used to it because some clouds just rolled in over the stars. It's not looking good for you, my friend.


I hope you have plans this summer because now is the best month to get out and do something. Perhaps a visit to Bamboo Beach resort is in order, yes? You've earned it!

Written By Fallout

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