Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Sun is starting to shine through your rain clouds. A long, dismal winter is about to end for you. It will come slowly at first, then all at once. Reveal in your approaching joy—and look around. You will see that the rain watered shoots of new life; revitalized, your blessings are now going to grow exponentially.


The fresh air is going to awaken your intellect. Questions you never thought of are going to surface. Don't hold back—ask them. This month marks development in your knowledge, so expand your mind by visiting Aibrean in the library or talking to the Traveler about far away lands. You'll find satisfaction and purpose in your endeavors.


You also will find yourself learning this month—the hard way. A beautiful stranger is waiting to entrance you; this will lead to a broken heart. Makoto will promise an easy way to make Mistic Cash; it's a scam. Your alliance will promise a good time; it's too good to be true. Use caution and search for hidden motives in all you do—this is the only way to save yourself from great losses.


It is time you took control of your health. Extra pounds built up over the cold months, leaving you feeling sluggish and apathetic. But take advantage of longer daylight hours to exercise outside, preferably with a friend, and stock up on food from Sunny. Find time to laugh with friends and family—your youthful energy will quickly return.


Weeds of indecision are beginning to take root in your life. It is time to make those choices you've been postponing. If you don't, you'll find work stacking up on your plate—it won't be long before you lose control. So no more hesitating. Take a deep breath, trust your instincts, and step forward with courage.


Your theme for this month is sharing. After several set backs, it may seem hard to part with anything. But what you give will return to you threefold if you do. This goes beyond donating to Charitee. Share your dreams with a friend, share your smile with a stranger, and share a joke with a child. Give generously; you won't regret it.


It is time for you to migrate. A literal journey of self-discovery awaits you this month. Pack light; leave your emotional baggage behind, and seek out the lands of your ancestors. For example, gargoyles ought to visit Metropolis Quarry while kelpies should see their fortress. Understanding your origins and your past will help pave the way for a new, stronger future.


Himilia shadows your path this month. A sense of unease pervades your soul. It will bring misfortune into all your investments. Stocks will drop, imps will steal, and friends will drift away. Consider cutting your losses and reevaluate what is most important to you. Things may seem rocky and dark, but the wheel of fate is always turning...


Negative karma is going to work itself out this month. Hopefully, you did not sow too much of it. If you had planted seeds of good karma, then you will watch as your enemies pay for their mistreatment of you when this negative karma returns. However, if you were the one sowing bad karma...


You have been denying yourself for too long. It is time to indulge. This could mean taking an extra dessert from Sweets R Us, buying that Pandoria Box, or dressing up your legendary extravagantly. After being prudent and cautious, it is time to have fun.


Now starts your season of hard work and toil. There is no easy way; only through effort will you eat, train your Misticpets, and improve your relationships. This month promises lots of sweat, muscle strain, and fatigue. However, in thirty days you will find yourself a much stronger person—your honest labor will become your greatest asset.


The muses are sitting right on your shoulders. Inspiration lurks around every corner you turn. This creativity will allow you to find new, unique solutions to difficult problems, create detailed works of art, and explore your own soul through song. Rise to your full artistic potential and see the world through new eyes.

Written By gemajgall

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