Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 43
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Your beloved pet may seem to be demanding a choice between your Mistic social life and making him/her the most outstanding pet on-site. Don't read things into the situation that aren't there, and don't be too proud to talk about it. Pride really can come before a fall. Explain the circumstances in detail to your friends – they can help. Say,”No!” to pet bullying!


You maybe taking your goals to seriously. It's great to make things happen but don't forget to have fun along the way. Neglecting all else could have disastrous results. What fun is it being King of the Mountain if there is no one else to shove over? Take a few close friends with you on the way to the top.


Your daydreams may seem like nightmares right now – hang in there! Things may not be as grim as they seem. Infestation is just around the corner and who knows what could happen then? Stay strong and find some distractions in the mean time. Chat – maybe?


Be careful of the words you say! Outside pressures are affecting your over all attitude. Make a point of being kind. Perhaps host a giveaway? Or, advocate random acts of kindness? Feel good acts rub off on everyone around you. Maybe it's time to start a pillow fight, life's to short to be so serious.


Keep your eyes open Leo! Something or someone from your past will be reappearing soon. Be prepared to celebrate! Old misunderstandings will fall away, resolve to move forward with your friendship and put away resentments that no longer apply.


Have you been comfort spending? Well, stop it! You bank account is suffering malnutrition or will be soon. Control your expenditures and the mc will will really accumulate. Take a breath and resolve to make your Avatar wear last years fashions for just a month. You can do it!


If you are holding onto a pet for someone, it maybe time to take a stand. Politely but firmly let them know that they need to follow through with their promises. After all, you've been patient and that new pet concept is just a few mc away. Don't be mean but don't be a door mat. Perhaps things have just slipped their minds and you need to issue a friendly reminder?


Try not to take a casual comment to seriously, there really wasn't any malice meant towards you. Just strengthen your affirmation – look how far you've come! Being self made is really something to be proud of.


You better arm yourself! Infestation is coming and you're looking awfully tasty. Be prepared to get love bugged and cootified if you don't set traps and douse yourself with spray. This may not even be enough, landmines maybe?


You've slipped into a quiet mood, that's okay. Everyone needs a little down time. Don't let more outgoing friends push you into the lime light if you aren't ready, willing and able. Let folks know that you are going to be away from forums though, no need to cause undo worry.


Lady luck is smiling on you Aquarius! Take advantage of this good fortune and play the lottery! Take a chance because the stars are in perfect harmony for you. Better take advantage quickly though because just as surely as your ship came in – it will roll out again.


Brace for impact! You are about to insanely busy. Everything you've put off is now clamoring for attention: profiles, art and wish lists to name a few. If you knuckle down, you'll be amazed at how fast you can accomplish these things.

Written By Moon

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