Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 42
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Due to your naturally head strong and impulsive demeanour, you are likely to have fallen foul of impulse buying and made some rash decisions this Mistmas, Aries. Try sitting back, taking a deep breath, and think ‘Maybe I bought them that gift because I would like to play with it’ Maybe that is true… But what the hey, they’ve opened it now so go ahead and play with it! At least someone will enjoy it.


You appreciate the finer things in life, Taurus, and this Mistmas you will be sure to have indulged in all the festive extravaganza– especially the festive food! So now is the time to tone it all down again. You have a tendency to be stubborn and, whilst your opinions are certainly good and well-informed, be aware that others may well have differing ones, and even though you’ll be right (as you usually are) try to indulge them a little; It IS coming up to New Year after all.


You have a dual aspect to your personality, Gemini. On one side you are personable, charming and very witty, but on the other you can also be fickle, cutting and, dare I say it, deceitful. New Year is the ideal time of year for the former to shine, as you are great at social events and have a real knack of ‘getting people’, and knowing what they’ll truly appreciate this New Year.


Family is important to you, Cancer, and this Mistmas you have shone. Do not fear being overwhelmed by it all and retreating into your shell. Have courage, be methodical, and set about making a good, early New Year plan so you will neatly keep on top of everything. You have a lucky habit of managing to pull things off, even if you have to roll with the punches along the way, so be sure not to slip into a moody Cancerian spell. You can do it.


You really are in your element during Mistmas, Leo. You’re generous attitude to giving means that you really must have loved seeing your gift recipients faces light up when you gave them those presents they’ve been after all year. However, now I’m sure you are feeling the strain on your finances, so it is time to start on a new saving money scheme. New year is just around the corner and you have a lot of catching up to do!


Well done! Your Mistmas was excellent, even if you do not fully agree. Let others be the judge of that, and simply enjoy the happiness you have brought to those closest to you. New Year brings with it new prospects and dreams, and you have a specific dream of your very own, Virgo, one that you have been harbouring quietly for some time. Perhaps this coming year is the year you will fulfil it. You can do it!


With your balanced and even mind, Mistmas was not a hectic rush for you this year, but do not allow that to soothe you into a false sense of security. There is an unsettlement in your aura that means you must take care, especially when meeting new people. New Year could be a harbinger of arguments for you, Libra, so be sure to bite your tongue often, even if you feel compelled to speak some honest truths.


You can spit venom like the best of them, Scorpio, and your words can often hold an unexpected sting, but New Year is coming, and even though they probably deserve your harsh words, try to forgive them a little more this year. Do not see it as a weakness, merely see it as the strength to rise above the pettiness. Your resolution can be to worry less about the ones you do not favour, and concentrate more on the people you adore.


Did you get everything you wanted or Mistmas? No? Well, rest assured they meant well, even if you have a few let downs along the way. Remember, not everybody is as clear and concise as you, and your friends have had a tendency to ‘faff’ this year, through no fault of yours. With the coming New Year, perhaps you could opt to help your friends be more organised, and ultimately, more like you.


You are very methodical by nature, Capricorn, so whilst your preparations for Mistmas were well thought out early on, you are still constantly second guessing yourself and striving for perfection. Relax, you did a great job. People will be overjoyed with your Mistmas presents – you are naturally intuitive when it comes to knowing what gifts people will like.


Did you know that you are often seen as an enigma, even by those who you deem close to you, Aquarius? You are naturally guarded and hide your emotions well, but this New Year, try opening up a little more, especially with that special person. You’ll be amazed how much it means to them.


Like it or not, you are a sensitive soul, Pisces, and this Mistmas season your worries were for everyone around you, rather than for yourself. You’re main aim during the New Year festivities will be for the everyone to have a good time, and whilst this is admirable, don’t forget about yourself along the way. Have fun too – you deserve it.

Written By Kite

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