Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 4
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


In your case, at any rate, your ambition may indeed be exceeding your ability, so tone down on the pet training and battling every once in a while and relax. Mingle with your fellow Misticans on the forums, and you’ll find people will accept your high goals and help you further them, perhaps with a donation or two. Watch out for your own instinctive selfishness though, and don’t ask too much of others.


Dogged persistence defines you in many ways, so keep at your goals! Keep saving for your Pandoria Box and ignore any pretty trinkets that may derail you from your budgeting plan! However, rigid stubbornness is not appreciated by anyone, toning down the dogged belief that you are always right may help. Your love for your pets and your friends is quite obvious as well as well received, try to show it in a way you never have before! Even in regard to yourself,”why haven’t you tried the swamp cake yet? Just because it is something different does not mean that it is malevolent.


You often show your brilliance and intellectuality, so why not pass it along and hand your pets some books? Superficiality will get them nowhere, but don’t restrict them to heavy volumes of classics. Get in the Halloween spirit with a few novels from Lisha! Do YOU know the difference between ghosts and ghouls yet?


The sensitivity your sign promises often rules your actions. With the spirit of an artist, you can craft incredibly imaginative works of beauty, but don’t react poorly to a critique simply because it lists some detractions from that creation. And while your changeable moods contribute greatly to this artistry itself, try for a little consistency so that you don’t always throw your pets off balance when you leave in a huff at the slightest provocation in the middle of a Frisbee game.


Though your heart may really be one of the warmest that one can find on this world, it won’t show if you insist on covering it with a pompous exterior. Reach out beyond your golden cup” a retro blueberry smoothie wouldn’t hurt! And while your pets do appreciate being loved, your possessiveness leaves them feeling caged at times, and they will never truly see Mistica for themselves if you insist on placing luxury blinders over their eyes at all times.


Affection and fuss lie across from each other over a very thin, gray line, and wrapping your pets in Lance’s new line of Blizzard Coats every time they go outside in October is really uncalled for. And while you do enjoy being practical, attempt something superfluous, something completely out of the box today! What about a recluse widow lollipop?


Flirtations with everyone? Come now, poor Tormic doesn’t appreciate your efforts to haggle by batting your eyelashes at him. Your urbane air and sophistication mark you as one of the elite, but venture onto the boards more often to mingle with everyone else! Discuss those new pals, which are deathly cute by the way. While Willie Melons may not be the epitome of classiness (after all, how refined can a smiling watermelon be?), they’re more than adorable enough to grab your attention. And they are rather spooky with their little faces. Your pets would absolutely adore one!


Your passionate nature has left you with a very magnetic personality, but your jealousy may keep both friends and pets slightly distant. While Joe may not have been the first Phantom Anya, he still looks more than spectacular. And you might want to watch out: if you through any more hissy fits over the fact that Jane was boxed before him, he’ll start dancing on your grave.


Look to the future every once in a while. Despite the fact that your good humor and optimism are valuable tools that make you (and everyone else) quite happy with you, they tend to make you slightly more shortsighted than others. Gambling every MC you own on slots is not a good way to earn money for the Lantern Box you so desperately want. While you may believe wholeheartedly in your good luck, good luck may not necessarily believe in you.


For most, some careful doling out of Mistic Cash and slight reservations in temperament is a good thing. But a little does go a long way, and while small doses of timidity never killed anyone, your extreme caution might make you bashful to the point where you’re not even willing to trick-or-treat. Your pets will be more than willing to inform you that it is not a pointless, fanciful activity that whiles away precious time. And we all know that not giving them their share of the candy spoils is not a good thing.


Frivolity and spirited friendliness are great characteristics, but when you dance in light happiness, be sure not to accidentally step into webs that can trap you. Your pets are more than willing to take advantage of your lighthearted nature (especially in regard to being fed skull pops!), and your trust in others can be taken to the point of zealotry. Nonetheless, gentle patience and a natural optimism never hurt anyone, especially during a season when even autumn is giving way to the darker days of winter and ghouls are ready to spring at you from any direction.


Your compassion and kindness define you, so you know perfectly well that hosting a giveaway on the Mistic Chat would make both you and the participants happy, and that playing with all your pets and giving them a special treat is a reward for both them and you. Use your imagination and creativity to give them individual personalities,”exercise those natural artistic skills! But be careful that your weak will and vague, escapist tendencies don’t hamper your efforts, and watch out for gullibility on your own part.

Written By SkyHawk

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