Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 39
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


A cold shroud is starting to envelop you—in all meanings of the word. The weather around you is chillier, your relationships are cooling off, and you're feeling the aches of a sickness. Be active in warming up what is dear to you; for starters, trying taking your friends to Keilley's for a hot cup of soup during an otherwise dismal afternoon.


This is a month of learning for you. Although you experienced comfort prior, you will now find yourself being tested and stretched. Keep an open mind; although it may be difficult, what you go through now will prove to be vital in surviving hardships to come.


Be prepared to see double. Double in your finances, double in your travels, double in your relationships. Revel in this abundance; your harvest has come in. Be sure to thank Pandoria for this wealth and pay the kindness forward. Charitee always accepts donations, and you'll find your blessings continuing to increase if you do.


Water is your symbol this month. Rivers will whisper your name; the ocean will call you. Along the gentle waves you will find healing, prosperity, and victory. Your energy will rise with the tides. And although this may mean that the moons channel your actions, you can easily turn that to your advantage.


It's time to step up in your love life. Mediocre communication has wreaked more damage than your realize to those closest to you. This month, make it a priority to listen to their needs, tactfully offer advice, and open yourself up emotionally so that your relationships can progress to the next stage. Do not use silence or sarcasm; these are relational suicide.


Perhaps you should stay inside this month. Your lucky star has been hidden behind a dark cloud. You will find many things you touch collapsing beneath your fingers. Hopefully you've been saving for a rainy day because your rainy day has come. If not, you will find your health and finances plummeting without anything to fall back on.


Did you forget something? Was it to pick up the dry cleaning? No. Did you lock all the doors? Yes. Did you remember to feed all your pets, visit the Pomme Tree, and restock your shop? Yes. Is everyone healthy? Yes. Did you forget any appointments? No. You won't be able to shake this feeling all month as you find your memory to be surprisingly glitchy.


It's time to put away that microscope. Despite you micromanaging everything in your life, things still feel out of control. It is because of that micromanaging that everything has gone haywire. Step back and relax; releasing stress is the first step to regaining happiness in your life. Don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy every day's blessing as it comes your way. The future will handle itself.


That ache in your heart is loneliness. During this busy fall season, your friends and family are becoming increasingly preoccupied. You'll find yourself warming the bench as they struggle to make time in their lives for you. Even more, they won't seem to understand how hurt and alienated you are by this. Explain your feelings to them without making accusations; if they cannot understand and won't include you in their lives, it's time to make new friends.


Banshee Swamp offers things this season and no other time during the year. As your stars dictate you should travel, make sure that this swamp is your first stop. Although it may have a stigmatism, you'll find your stay to be delightfully creepy and filled with exotic foods and bone-chilling tours. It'll be more fun than anything you've expected.


You feel like you've reached a plateau in your life. But that's not bad! Continue to do what you've been doing—you know you won't fail. But avoid not taking risks; stagnation is your only enemy. Find a way to enjoy the mundane; even the great Pantheon has days to simply bask in the joy of being alive.


Nurture the hidden depths of your creativity. All of those emotions you've been repressing will flow out, freeing you from their chains. Visit Harmony and buy an instrument, enter into the writing contest, recite some poetry at Keilley's, or redo a profile with your own artwork—you'll find the experience to be even more rewarding than Rordon Gold.

Written By gemajgall

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