Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 36
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


The summer heat will make your temper flare. Be sure to find many ways to keep cool; both physically and emotionally. Remember, once harsh words are said they are very hard to take back. So think before you speak to prevent rash and hurtful communication.


The long and lazy summer afternoons have made you somewhat lethargic. Now is the time to push yourself; otherwise, this month will pass you by. In particular, you might want to travel. Try some of the northern regions like the Blizzard Realm—it's much cooler than the sweltering Inferno Terrain during these months. And be on the look out to make some new friends during your travels as well.


Money rises like the sun for you this month. Enjoy reaping the benefits of your hard work! But with your new-found wealth also comes responsibility. Invest it wisely and allow your business ventures to grow. Soon a drought is coming; you want to be prepared.


Unwise decisions about your health are going to catch up with you this month. It may be your poor diet, lack of exercise, or carelessness on the job. No matter what the case may be, learn from this experience. Your body is important—learn to take care of it well. Sunny has excellent advice and even more excellent health foods to set you on the right path.


This month forks like paths through Darkwood Hollow. You'll find it to be especially true in your relationships. New attention will become a temptation while your old flame flickers. But your as your loyalty sways, use discernment in your judgment. If you follow your heart, you'll find your passions to be rewarded.


Sometimes it's hard to give up the old way of doing things. Tried and true methods do often work the best. However, Mistica is changing more and more each day. New innovations will require new knowledge. It's time to learn how to adapt this knowledge to best suit your needs. Don't throw out old systems for the sake of the new though—learn to blend them together in order to thrive.


Your inner strength shines through. Many people will see this and gravitate towards your natural confidence. You'll find yourself supporting the problems of your friends and family as a result. This will become quite taxing in a short amount of time. Therefore, you have to remember to take time for yourself in order to recharge. Don't forget your own hobbies and passions while you help others.


This is your month of losing. It will start small such as your Anniversary Keys or Basic White Socks and escalate into greater things like large amounts of Mistic Cash or even someone dear. Be sure to cherish those you have in your life now; let them know that every chance you can. You never know when they may simply walk out and never return.


Your high-activity lifestyle is catching up with you fast. Your schedule is overbooked and yet it seems like nothing ever gets done. You're running in a Hamwyrt wheel, and you need to get off now. Your priorities are becoming distorted, and the only thing you're accomplishing is running yourself into the ground.


Your months of careful planning are on the verge of bearing fruit. You've worked hard; don't hesitate now! But do not rush forward recklessly either. Everything rests on the edge of a Basic Sword—one false move can destroy everything you're aiming to achieve.


The muses are surrounding you. This is your time to create. Art, music, poetry, architecture...wherever the muses lead, follow them readily. You'll find all of your artistic endeavors flourishing and your understanding of cultures expanding. The Mistica Chronicles are an excellent venue to display your talents.


This is your month of healing. Spring was rough: your relationships went through storms, your finances hit a drought, and your health hasn't seen sunshine in ages. But now the clouds break and renewal will shine through. Bask in the uplifting powers that are flowing your way and enjoy the end of all the hardships you've endured. Remember, these experiences happened to make you stronger.

Written By gemajgall

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