Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 35
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Change will seem like the reoccurring word this month for you, and if you’ll oblige; it will certainly be one of your most delightful parts of this year. Being optimistic, playful and having a relaxed attitude will bring not only happiness, but also maybe that sought after feeling of winning that contest that you’ve always wanted to win. My advice would be for you to go out and just enjoy everything that comes your way; experiment with new ways of doing things and you’ll certainly feel the advantage.


The Weekly Raffle has been calling you hasn’t it? It seems that good luck will be by your side this month, so why don’t you have a go? However, when you have tasted the glories of winning, make sure you don’t go too overboard; that running streak will run out on you eventually. Don’t feel like taking the risk? That’s fine; it appears that you’ll find attention one way or another.


Strangely it seems that you’ll be adopting a more professional attitude this month. It might be an idea to get onto the forums and spread some constructive criticism in your area of knowledge; there will certainly be at least one person who’ll appreciate it. In addition to that, it'll provide various small opportunities- maybe even a commission or two!


There doesn’t seem to be many changes to your life this month for you. The most important task will be getting involved in sociable events; a group discussion most likely. This will led you to understand that others are grateful for your views and that even the smallest or craziest idea could be brought into creation. See the need for a change in Mistica? Let everyone know!


Starting to feel the urge to adventure out? Don’t worry you soon will. It might be a suggestion that you uncover some knowledge on the world you call Mistica; take a trip to one of its more unknown locations, maybe even find out where your pets originate from? This month is a great time for you to build relationships with the nature around you, as well as those who you cherish the most.


Ambition, determination and success will meet you at different intervals this month, so you must be ready. Those who you are closest to, friends and even your pets will be the ones challenging and strengthen your will making you engage in action to show them what you’re made of. This is the time when you will take charge of your previous attempts on a task and complete it, this could be anything from an item collection, submitting a contest or even getting your pet into the highscores list; all can be achievable.


The smell of your flower collection won’t be the only thing filling the air this month; it’ll also be money. You’ll soon notice your newly-created business take off high speed as it becomes the centre of attention for many. Don’t let this take you by surprise, but make an advantage out of it. Putting the entire amount of MC into the bank might be a very good idea indeed; you’ll soon need it for a big project coming up soon!


The past few months may have skimmed right past your eyes, yet this month will be a big change for you. Positively you’ll be accustomed to the advantage of overcoming your fears and inhibitions much easier. The risk, on the other hand, could come from the temptation to over bet on these newfound things. The random event Imps certainly don’t take pity as an excuse for naive behaviour with your rare items- just make sure you’re careful!


The thought of new creations and friendships seems to be on Pandoria’s cards this month. The goddess herself saw the hope in the Misticpets, and eventually you too will understand this and will want to reach out for a unique companion. It’s perfectly normal to think that you might neglect your other pets when this one comes along; there is no need to worry, they will completely understand and will probably enjoy the concept much more than you think they will!


This month will be nothing more than the breeze to you my friend. You will come to take pleasure in being around others that have the same hobbies as you. However, be sure not to forget to have fun and time to yourself. A shopping spree might be the exact answer my friend; who doesn’t love to go splash the cash?


It seems that you might have be putting all of your time and attention into business, this month will see a break in that; even if you aren’t pleased about this, you’ll certainly come to realise that you should always allow yourself pleasure. A way to combine these things is to maybe start a collection hobby. It will not only bring new knowledge that could interest you, but also give you so more knowledge about the things that make your business run; experiment and you’ll soon come to see the benefits.


Many have noticed how reclusive you’ve become over the past month, yet it is known what you have been up to. The annual plot may still be in its seedling state, but you are already full underway with the preparations aren’t you? Despite how well this might be for you when the actual event begins, you need to ensure that those closest to you aren’t neglected. Talk to them about it, get them involved and they will soon forgive you for your past actions. (Secretly, we are all cheering for you!)

Written By Amethyst

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