Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 32
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Your spring is just around the corner; however, this may mean plenty of storms. But just remember that after the rain the flowers bloom. The stormier your month is, the more beautiful your flowers will be. So don't shy away from hardships. Use them as a way to cultivate your own lush garden in your mind, relationships, and finances.


The lingering love bugs of Infestation still swarm over your future. Your past relationships should be thriving under the blessing of the Hug Bug—and they should continue to do so. Embrace those you love close and do not shy away from expressing your feelings towards them. You'll be surprised and blessed by their responses as your relationships go to new depths.


For you, this is a month to rebuild. A harsh winter has left your relationships and finances battered. Now is the time to take stock and reevaluate. Consider your friends' feelings and humbly apologize if necessary in order to soothe any hurt feelings. Make a plan to monitor your spending and start saving to prepare for your future. Stay strong and find encouragement as you build your foundation stronger than ever.


A dark shadow looms over your horoscope this month. A careless move could cost you time, energy, and Mistic Cash. Proceed with caution and be sure to avoid things that are akin to darkness. This includes Dire Morana, the night, shadows, and Imps. However, just as darkness is troublesome, light will be a blessing. Surround yourself with bright things and walk in the daylight with confidence.


Celebrate! This is your month to kick back and have fun. All of your previous hard work is about to come to fruition in a big way, so enjoy yourself! Get some party beads, a crazy hat, and laugh aloud with your friends over your favorite drinks. You'll feel your stress vanish and your energy return. Congratulate yourself; you've earned it!


Never forget that change is inevitable. In the weeks to come, you'll find many changes in your life. Some will be expected, some not; others will be easy to accept, and others not so much. Be flexible in your thinking to adapt to these situations as they arise and be willing to try new things. Who knows? You may just like them.


Unfortunately, this is a bad month for you! Beware of sets of threes because that's how trouble will visit you, and sadly most of this trouble is your own making. It is time for three negative consequences to come back to haunt you. Use them as a learning tool and do not make those same mistakes again. By the end of the month, you will be a much wiser individual.


The muses will descend upon you; use this time to hone your creative energies! Whether it be art, music, or writing, feel free to express yourself and add something to Mistica that wasn't there before. You'll find joy in indulging yourself this way. So free up your creativity; you may find the Chronicles as an excellent channel for all your talent.


Now is the time to broaden your horizons. Travel awaits in your future, so be prepared to see new people, distant places, and strange sights. Don't just stop there though, use these travels to try new and exotic food, make special memories, and expand your education. Your experiences will definitely stretch you in ways that may be uncomfortable, but looking back you might find them to be some of your most cherished memories.


This is a month of reflecting. An unexpected encounter will have you looking back at your past. You'll remember times gone by, dreams unfulfilled, and previous joys. Use this nostalgia to put your present and future in perspective. Take account of your ultimate dreams and desires and renew your efforts in making them come true.


Mistic Cash is important to you this month. Be sure to save—you'll quickly find that you need that money. There is, however, an exception to this advice. Splurge on your friends and be generous to those in need. You'll find that what you gave away returns to you three fold in some of the most unexpected ways.


Beware of Znakes! They come in all shapes and sizes and love running across your toes—I'd recommend wearing high boots this month. Walk carefully but carry a big stick and show these pests that you're not to be pushed around. You'll find this kind of assertive attitude will also benefit you in your relationships and career.

Written By gemajgall

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