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Created by The Mistic Pets Team


For the next horoscope year, you will see it in a more humorous aura. Ultimately, 2012 will be one of your relaxing years and to cleanse yourselves of the past. It does not ask that you will have to become a new person, but you will have time to put yourself on the right path. As an Aries, you are orientated towards initiative and action. Next year is the period to take the idealistic course you have been pursuing for years and make it happen. Maybe you want to get more involved with site events or even something as small as taking part in forum discussions? Anything may be possible for you, and let 2012 give it to you!


You are no stranger to have experienced changes in the past, but whether you like them or not—this year says the same. Though, don’t let this phrase you as good tidings are ahead. It may be a good idea that instead of trying to do multiple things at once, focus on one thing and you will most likely come out with flying colours. In the long-term, you may see impediments pass you by but don’t lose hope or heart. There is plenty of time ahead of you and 2012 will make sure to bring rewards in the end!


It seems that 2012 will be an eventful one for you Gemini! You will see new ventures take shape with their own ideas and goals in life. Mistic may be introduced to something fresh and never seen before, and you Gemini, will be the most excited. Not only that, but next year you will grow more confident in yourself and shall even do things that you would have never thought of doing before. Variety shall spice up your life this year and 2012 will definitely bring it!


You may experience major relationship changes next year Cancer—it will certainly prove to you that you can be independent and know who you can rely on. Peace and calm are the words for next year. Confidence in yourself shall help you to ward off any negative effects in any work that you are currently in. You would pursue your long fought ambitions with renewed vigour and strength. Be true to yourself and 2012 will make sure to repay you.


The next impending year will not only bring hope, but also interesting events and developments. However, you need to make sure that you don’t bring out all of your guards are once as there may be unforeseen and surprising barriers that may stop you from receiving good news. Though, this should not worry you as the lion’s bravery will surely overcome any challenges that the coming year will put in your way. I would suggest thinking about those yearly plots now, most particularly the Imp VS Sprite war, so that you can get an advantage over others who may not be as prepared. Let 2012 bring Leo’s strength and courage!


Your creative abilities will be exposed to the world next year—though, remember that there will always be someone willing to help, never be afraid to ask. Work hard, put in all your efforts and you shall get positive energy in a rewarding way. A good idea is to remain optimistic through the year to drive away any nervousness that may prove to be an obstacle. Make yourself known in Mistica and you will soon know the benefits of it—yes, we want to see it!


Going with the wind is mainly the phrase for your year, you do not need to worry that deadlines may not be met—those who are close to you will understand. Making sure that you are relaxed and at peace with yourself will ensure that you prevail through the year. Finance does not seem to be a problem for you Libra, but spending some good quality time with spending will come up a lot and it will actually do you a bit of good—so hit those Mistica shops! Life will be much happier, contented and lighter for Libra’s this year of 2012.


New projects and ideas shall take wings in this year of 2012. You shall pass through a new phase of your life and would be relieved of issues that had been haunting you for the past few years or months. You will not only be experiencing freedom like you never have before, but also you will soon be making important decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Due to this, you must make sure that you don’t become idle. This is a passing phrase and will not come again for some time. Therefore put good use of the time you have in your hand this year to your utter fulfilment—don’t sit back and watch it go past, you never know what you will miss!


Your life would be free from difficulties unlike the last year. By remaining optimistic you will soon notice that opportunities are given to you at a much faster rate than ever before. Risk is also something that will play a big part of next year—playing more of Mistic’s games and taking that extra go may turn out to be for the good, you never know what could happen. 2012 may be the year that you will look forward to the most!


This year will be generally a year of low profile for you. It helps you to enter a serene and peaceful atmosphere. You may be likely to give up some things that may have been dear to you, but do not fret as this will point you in the right direction. However, if you are willing for change then this may be the right time to do so—maybe even as far as a username change to understand what your persona may be if you do not already have one. Despite these changes, you will still keep it to yourself and won’t make too much fuss over it—you may not see the benefits now, but it will prove to be good for the future.


You will be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard toils of the last few years in this year of 2012. Facing problems head on will ensure that next year will be one that you will remember. Some of your resolutions shall take wings and land on better grounds. Your perspective of life shall see a major change and put good use of your knowledge for a better rewarding future. Thinking of trying something new in Mistic? Give it a go as it will not only raise your optimism, but also may turn out to be something good for your life.


Year 2012 seems to be a calm and peaceful year. Involving yourself whole heartedly into any task which you undertake will ensure it continues and ends on a positive note. There would be much freedom for your thoughts, ideas and ideals in life this year. Time is on your side and hence do not compromise on quality and quantity of work done this period.

Written By Amethyst

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