Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 3
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Power and energy are typical for your sign. You should just stop going over the top. Your pets would love it if they could get a break and stop their hard training for a while and you should do the same. Sport is great, but chocolate is even better! Visit the Sweets R Us shop together - your pets will love you forever!


Just because you're a creature of habit doesn't mean that your pets wouldn't like some variety. Feeding them only Mints is really not exciting. And honestly - owning only one species isn't as well. How about a second one and some other food? You don't have to extend your pet family to the limit or start feeding Exotic Food only, just a bit more variety. Please?


Your sign has many wonderful characteristics, but it seems like your pets would have to fight against your impatience and excursiveness a lot this month. Take all your creativity and plan something really big with them. A journey to Inferno Terrain sounds exciting. They'll be happy and you'll be as well!


Just because you've read that your zodiac sign would be cranky doesn't mean that your pets will tolerate this forever. Your sign is very affectionate as well - go and spend some more time on your pets. Make them happy. Buy them toys. Buy them misticpals. Just do something. Otherwise they might run away one day.


Even though your affectation for luxury is typical for your sign - your pets would be happy if you wouldn't brag about them all the time. They don't love to be in the spotlight all the time and getting them all the latest items will just make the other pets more jealous.


Your pets are tired of showing you their loyalty all the time. You won't lose them if you would actually enter a RP that contains more then just and your pets. If you're too shy - why not let them play on their own with the brand new toys you just bought?


Cut down! You don't have to conciliate in every discussion on the forums. Why not save up for a new box for your pets? Your sign is well known to love pretty things. You could also visit the Creepy Critters shop and get some nice pals for your pets. Or even your friend's pet.


Stop being so jealous! Just because your pet wasn't the first to be boxed with the new theme doesn't mean you wouldn't be a great owner. Drooling over other people's pets won't get you anywhere.


You're very cheerful, but your pets would love some quiet moments. Maybe you could buy them some books and enjoy yourself at the forums while they read them? You could also think about adopting some of the pets in the pound. They'd be pleased if someone would cheer them up!


Sure, you're introverted. That's typical for your sign. Your pets would love it if you'd actually do something with them though. Why don't you go out for a picnic with them? Maybe have a volleyball match with them? Anything would be nice, just stop sitting here - reading your horoscope again and again won't change it ... your pets are bored.


Yes, we know that you aim high. It's alright, pretend it's your sign that requires this behavior. But you might want to speak with your pets. You'll eventually realize that they don't want to be the smartest and strongest pets around. They don't even care if you box them now or in the next week ... or month ... or year. Slow down a bit!


Pisces are known to be gentle, large-minded and subtle. Why haven't you adopted this one pet in the pound you're observing since weeks already? Go and adopt it today. You won't regret it. It couldn't get a better home then your pet family and you won't regret this act of charity.

Written By SkyHawk

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