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Welcome to Issue 28
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


You are in luck this month; a money situation could be going a good way for you! However, it would be a good idea to stay smart about this and keep your money safe in a bank account. It surely won’t be hard for you this month to achieve a goal you have been looking to accomplish for quite some time. As long as you keep motivated, victory will be in the cards.


You may have been waiting a rather long time for this month. It is actually the month of change for you—it would be a good idea to try something that you may have not thought of doing before; you might be surprised at the results! Others from Leo and Libra could prove to be great partners in achieving a goal.


It’s possible you may have been feeling financially stretched last month; you will be pleased to know that this is the end of that period. Other people may influence you to get creative this month so maybe you might want to check out the creative forums or contests. An interesting trade offer may come your way, so keep your eyes peeled!


Unfortunately the start of this month could mean a tight budget. Nevertheless, if you keep on with your head held high until the middle of the month you will definitely see benefits. These could include a lucky streak or even a new friendship so keep your boundaries open to new possibilities.


So far every month this year has offered a bumpy ride, however November is likely to be an exception. Others may be going through a negative time and will rely on you to make the mood more positive for friendship’s sake—no need to worry; they will pay you back for being loyal. Regrettably, you may come across a financial problem during this month so make sure you open a bank account and keep it safe!


We are now at that time of year when friendship might seem as if it's the answer to everything. If you're hoping to break new ground, then perhaps this year it is! Despite cash flow being a problem that is unlikely to go away for a few weeks this month, if a risk comes your way it could be a good idea to take it—it should show reward before the middle of next


You may be asking yourself when everything will be balanced and running smoothly. The fact is despite how much control you think you may have, you have to be careful as it could be wiped away as quickly. Maybe finding yourself some new friends or colleagues to get to know could help you in reassuring that you are still living in the reality. Even so, you may be pleased by the steps taken mid-month which should reassure you of the value of assets.


There are potentially positive dates in store for you this month. Nevertheless, there are also a few difficult dates as well. The trick is to find balance and share the load with others—friends will be there to support you, so don’t feel that you are being selfish. A trip to the game garden could be a good thing for you, not only to calm your senses but also offer you financial support that you may have missed these past few months.


Ahead of your birthday and in the last quarter of any year, it's time to turn attention to long-term financial arrangements. This could include one that is leading up to buying an item or completing a goal—though, you could help someone you are close to achieve their goals. In addition to these arrangements, there's also the issue of how much it's costing to be a part of some organizations and whether or not this is a wise use of your resources. This could be linked to an alliance you have joined; maybe it’s time to lay off a bit?


If you’re looking for a new job this could be your lucky month! At the very least you're likely to test the waters and determine your worth. Of course, it could be that this is linked to increased responsibility in a role you already hold. With friends' or family's responsibilities rising, you may want to watch how much they rely on you to sort their problems out. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help because it will always be there.


This month will require you to be determined and put your strengths into action. You may feel that some people asking too much of you—you need to make sure you appreciate what you have and understand yourself personally.


There’s no other way of putting this—you will score this month. Though unexpected events could leave you in a state of worry, it may also encourage you to look inside yourself and realize that if you truly want something then you should go for it—don’t hold yourself back!

Written By Amethyst

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