Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 26
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Your passion will guide you through a tough situation, but your hot blood will throw you right back into it. Be wary of the Scarab Desert, Ravi-Sorin, and any other source of heat that may increase your tempers. Walk while Himilia is full, for that is your symbol of love this month.


A shadow of violet and red stands behind you and just out of your sight, waiting to steal away your joy. But do not be discouraged; your own inner steadfastness will endure beyond the hardships. Someone in an unlikely place is waiting to bless you, so be sure to extend a helping hand to those around you.


Now is the time to make your business flourish. Money shall steadily flow into your coffers this month. Support is rallying behind you, embolden by your natural confidence. However, don't grow arrogant with your new-founded wealth, and be sure to thank Pandoria for your fortune.


Lysithea has eclipsed your lucky star. Brokeness will follow you; this is not the time to travel nor is it the time to start any new endeavor. But use this to your advantage; those who stay close to you during your struggles are your truest friends; never let them go.


This month your past shall visit you. Be it an old friend or an old love, you are promised to encounter nostalgia. Use this to strengthen your lost relationship so that it can never get away from you again. The stars are shining brightly behind you, success is guaranteed.


New experiences await you; this is your time of growth. Be sure to keep an open mind so that seeds can fall on fertile soil. To cultivate your fortune and intellect, try to visit some place new. Lake Auberon or Raziela seem especially promising to someone who is seeking enlightenment this season.


You will be tested to the utmost in all areas: love, finance, career... Your desire to find balance and peace will only cause your stress to increase. This is the time to let go. Allow these tests to develop your character and reveal your integrity. When the moons fully turn, you will find yourself to be a stronger person.


A storm is brewing on the horizon of your own making. You have held your passions at bay, but now they threaten to leap out and engulf those around you. Direct your inner energy into positive feelings so that your loved ones can feel your compassion for them, and do not focus on anger lest you start a hurricane of grief.


Your adventurous spirit will serve you well this month. Make use of it by doing Quests; you will find prosperity through them. The start of a new romance is also just on the horizon; you will start a journey with someone who appreciates your ambition.


Your plans will finally see fruition. All of your schemes are about to prosper; no one will be able to hold you back. Those around you will admire your cunning and step up to help you. The moonless night will empower you; beware the noontime.


Put your creativity to use and invent something that never existed in Mistica before. The great moon of Europa will guide you as you fill the world with new songs, writings, journals, profiles, artwork, poetry, inventions, and dances. All eyes will be on you; great things are to come.


This month will be shrouded in mystery. Curious events will randomly happen to you, especially when you try to solve puzzles. You shall find your Misticpets doing strange things for reasons you cannot fathom. Do not be perplexed by this, but instead enjoy each new surprise and the delight it brings to your life.

Written By Gemajgall

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