Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 18
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Take some time to relish the day around you. There may come waves of discord, but you can make it past that and tune into the peace that surrounds you.


The power lies within yourself, and once you realize this you will pursuit the wishes of your heart that you deem most important.


Expectations can burden the soul, but just keep in mind that things will turn out as they should and you should try your best no matter what.


Your hard work is paying off Cancer! Keep your head down and play those games and your coffers will be full!


Take charge Leo! Exert your power and put it to doing good work!


We\'d all like to see the future, but if you did you may not enjoy your journey quite the same.


Libra, as soon as you finish one challenge your next goal is already set. Take some time to celebrate your achievements and cherish a bit of down time in between.


Daydreaming can often keep you from the work you know you should be doing to make those dreams come to life. Wake up!


You know how to achieve your goals. Like an archer, when you are ready, you aim and fire. Take some time to teach others your ways.


Time to step out of your comfort zone, and force yourself to grow a little. You may be surprised at what blossoms.


There are those that you wish to trust fully and straight away. Test the ground carefully where you plan to tread and be cautious.


Being generous doesn\'t have to mean being foolhardy. Set your limits and know when to stop spending.

Written By Jahzara

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