Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 11
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


The traits of being adventurous and courageous may make you admirable, Aries; but be wary of your daredevil side. Despite your urge to impress others, you must avoid the temptation of doing something that has a good potential to end badly. Despite what all of your friends may say, it’s not the greatest idea to go and steal that Terror Ahbruis’s bone while he’s not looking; unless you fancy getting mauled this month.


You tend to be a very loyal and trustworthy person, Taurus; and because of that, you have many close friends. However, be sure not to let your possessive side take over. Even your best friend would not appreciate your attempts at controlling their life, no matter how good your intentions may be. Your pet Obsideon might not be your biggest fan if you decide to tread on his tail, either. Sometimes it is best to simply let those close to you breathe for a while. Do not give them the cold-shoulder; but don’t smother them and cause them to overheat either.


Your adaptive nature will be put to the greatest test this month. As a Gemini, you are incredibly versatile; but this month’s events could still be very stressful to you if you are not prepared. Whether it’s an Inferno Tarinooki burning down your house as a prank, an Apocalyptic outbreak, or even something as simple as one of those sneaky little imps stealing a treasured item, change is sure to occur in your life. You must be prepared to take it in stride like the flexible person you are. It is up to you to make these changes in your near future positive, instead of making them impassable roadblocks in life.


Your wide range of positive traits is amazing, Cancer: you’re emotional, loving, and protective, among many other things. However, make sure that you do not become overemotional and too clingy. Despite how amazingly shiny that gold ore that you bought may be, it’s not the best idea to keep a hold of it for too long. I wouldn’t put it past those Sprites and Imps to attempt to take it while you aren’t looking if you don’t relinquish it quickly. Also, be sure not to overreact if one of your pets suggests cleaning out some of those beanbags in your collection.


You are a strong, open-minded sign, Leo; and your creativity often makes others turn green with envy. However, your patronizing and pompous attitude can be very bothersome to those around you. Next time, think before you decide to act like you’re better than that old, ghostly Phantom Brannon. Sure, she might be dead; but that sure didn’t stop her from invading your house and tormenting you last month. You don’t want a repeat of those complaints your neighbors made after the howls and yowls last time.


As a Virgo, you are incredibly intelligent, in a practical way. However, sometimes analyzing everything can become your downfall. Next time you find yourself faced with a problem, attempt to think outside of the box to find a solution. After all, there is a large difference in fleeing from a group of Apocalyptic Cherai and throwing one of your friends at them to serve as a distraction. Though the latter may seem cruel, you have to admit that the more creative option would almost guarantee your getaway.


Your easygoing personality makes you well-liked among your friends; but make sure not to let any of them influence you in the wrong ways. You’ve been known to be gullible; and it’s important that none of your friends or pets succeed in tricking you this month. Make sure that they don’t try to convince you that Queen Boreal is a die-hard Credwurd Eullen fangirl, despite their claims of having seen her with numerous plushies of him.


Be cautious this month, Scorpio, for reality and imagination will begin to overlap. While you may think that you know for certain what is real, your eyes are less faithful than you think. Be sure to listen to your brain and your heart and to not just follow what you think you see and know. Keep your goals and objectives reasonable, and take this month to ground yourself. Stabilize your emotions and perhaps take this time to invest in some meditation.


Sagittarius, you are a Belragoth trying to live in a Skillow's nest. You are trying to be someone you are not just to fit into the world around you, and it is causing you a great deal of stress. This month is a month of discovery and realization for you: a month where you leave that Skillow nest and carve your own niche in the world. It is going to be hard for you, as your confidence may have suffered a blow in the past few months, but be strong, Sagittarius. You will soon realize who you are in this world, and come to know that you do not need to conform to the ideals and standards set by others.


This month is a month of relaxation and reward. You’ve worked hard, and now is the time to take a load off and really let the weight of your accomplishments sink in. Take some time for your friends and loved ones, and don’t be afraid to release some of the stress that you’ve built up. You’ve earned it, Capricorn, so don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself.


You are quite perverse, Aquarius. You flow through time and space fighting it all the way, and, coupled with your unpredictability, this has caused a fair bit of friction this month. You stand before many paths, all of which you don’t want to go down. You are at a standstill and yet you yearn to move forward, but perhaps you should stop and take a closer look at the paths before deciding in which direction to go.


Your selfless, generous personality makes you seem almost saint-like to most. However, do not be misled by those with not-so-pure intentions. There are those out there who would selfishly enjoy your generosity. Do not become strict and possessive. Just be sure to not allow anyone to take advantage of your generosity. Don’t give someone a lot of MC simply because you pity them. After all, they could simply be someone begging for some money that they don’t feel like earning.

Written By Inverted & Ryuuko

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