Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 1
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Aries have a tendency to be frank and open, often to the point of being blunt. Speak carefully this month around those whom you don't know well. One ill-spoken word might set off a bad chain reaction. Remember that if you're chatting away in the forums to be extra careful. It's often hard to communicate without the sound of the voice behind the words on the screen.


The Taurus' great love of such physical things as food may have come at a disadvantage during the winter time, however this is the month to get active! Work off any unwanted weight by embarking on quests for your favorite ever needy character. You will be rewarded both physically and materially, gaining in the areas of overall health and fortune. You can also take great joy in just being outside with you pets, letting them some much needed exercise as well.


Your love of personal freedom with little regard to advice or authority will not help you this month. You've had your eye on something you want, but funds keep disappearing because its being frivolously spent. This month, take some advice from the stars and buckle down. Put your daily earnings from games, quests and such in the bank. Sell what you don't need. Auction off rare items. Soon enough, your hard work will pay off when you get that coveted item in you hands.


Cancers have a great need to develop deep, emotional relationships. Help slake that need by being more active in the forums this month. There area great many people with similar interests as yourself lurking in these great social spaces. The forums are also a helpful place if you need a hand on a quest, finding an avatar, or other special items those sneaky staff members like to hide.


Leos tend to make for natural leaders, and this type of charisma can easily influence your pets. Use this characteristic to build up your pets' self-esteem this month. Enlist them in the training rooms to build up their statistics in all areas so you have a well- rounded pet. Battle them soon after to be sure their skills don't wain, and they'll be sure to win. Pets also love to be read to, so feed their need and increase their intelligence at the same time. Do these things, and your pets will be able to take charge just as their regal owner does.


Virgos are known for being secretive and analytic. This month Virgos, break from your shell a little bit. Try hanging around the forums for a bit. Take part in the activities around Mistic. You'll find that the community here is well worth getting to know and making friends with. Who knows? Perhaps you will become quite the social butterfly as some of the other members have done.


Libras have a need to keep the peace and harmony within their surroundings, but the stars warn that you can't help everyone or solve every problem between members. Sometimes, there are misunderstandings that spin into great arguments, especially when conversations are text only. This month, try to take a back seat in these matters, for you will not be able to help and it will only wear you down. In fact, you might be happier in taking a break from the forums, and focusing more on quests, games, and the like.


Scorpios have a knack for looking at the �glass half-empty�, however this month the stars have aligned in such a way that it makes you forget that you're the more serious sign. You'll find yourself almost giddy, and wanting to express yourself. Use this wave of newfound optimism to take part in the current contests. You find that you'll be rewarded even if you don't win because you finished something.


The symbol for this sign is the hunter, and Sagittarians are always on the hunt for knowledge. This month, take advantage of the libraries. There are plenty of books around to read. If you can't find one that you haven't read yet, you can always pick up a favorite. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the news. There's always something new in Mistic to explore.


The Capricorn's deep knoweldge of power is impressive, however, your pets are begging for a break. They've been put to task a lot lately with rigorous training and battling. Let them off this month with an extended break. They need and deserve it. They will love you for it. Otherwise, you might have a mutiny on your hands, and you don't want that.


Aquarians are known for trancending the need for material things, but your pets are a little needy right now. When was the last time they received a treat, or an exotic food, or anything for that matter? This month, indulge your pets! Feed them all kinds of treats! Play with them constantly! The loads of attention will bolster their love and admiration for you.


Pisces are highly empathic and sensitive, which you great for listening to friends in need. Take the forums with your big, caring heart and help your fellow Misticans with their burdens and woes. They will greatly appreciate you being there, and will more than likely lend a shoulder and an ear when you feel that you need one.

Written By DreamDragon

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