Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

meggy124124 Winning Entry

Harvest time is fun for the family. Not when its a family reunion though. My family owns a farm so every year we have a huge harvest celebration, we thank the land for providing for us and make so many different meals and eat them all together. After the harvest our family reunion falls. Its at a different house each year. Lucky us it was our house this year and our harvest was late. The families had arrived and we all decided to harvest the crops together, well some people may not be happy about it but it's our house and our rules.
My cousin was the one who started it. Complaining about wanting to be inside and watch TV or sleep, not doing "stupid" work and getting her hands dirty. She happened to throw one of our tomatoes that we had in our greenhouse and it landed with a Splat! Turning around shocked my brother threw a zucchini and that hit our uncle. The biggest food fight of my life was occurring right before my eyes. Do I tell them to stop? Do I take part? I've never had fun at these reunions but this seemed like tons of fun. I decided to join and by the end of the day we were all a huge mess. My cousin and I really bonded, I think I found a new friend. Maybe having them come over on harvest day wasn't as bad as I thought. I can't wait for it to be our turn again.