Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Moonchild25 Winning Entry

Growing Pains

My arms hurt,
My legs hurt,
My everything hurts, Mum.

You’re growing it’ll pass.
Pass like the summer holidays.
Don’t worry.

Growing pains?
What a pain.

I don’t feel any bigger.

Just wait along it’ll pass,
Pass and you’ll be bigger.
Don’t Worry.

My head hurts,
My butt hurts,
Does that mean I’m getting fatter and smarter?

No, you’ve been sitting down too long,
Too long, get off the computer.
Don’t worry.

As if this is growing pains,
I’ll lay here all I like,
Uh, my everything hurts mum.

Do you want to grow up and be big?
Big as Grandpa and Pop?
Don’t worry.

No, my arms hurt,
My legs hurt,
I refuse to grow, Mum.