Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Lusium Winning Entry

“No no no, I don’t mind it, I just don’t want any of you getting sick alright?” The fey said, crossing her arms partially over her chest, “The cooties and love bugs are everywhere out there, and while I know some of you may want to go frolic in the flowers, you can’t do that. Around the time of infestation the gender bugs get worse! Remember what happened last time? And besides we barely got our new arrivals in the door on time to avoid having them bitten by any of the bugs.” The fey sighed, gesturing towards five new misticpets, an Albino Kratork, an Arctic Shyre, a Noir Belragoth, an Apocalyptic Haruba, and a Noir Lirionox. “Which reminds me, I do need to introduce you guys to everyone. Vengeance, Inanis, Szear, Slaughtered, and Experimented.” She said, each of them lifting their head as their name was called, Szear, the noir Belragoth just snorted. Though why? The fey was confused.

“Alright… besides that, nobody is going outside until the love bugs and cooties relax. I’m not dealing with any chocolate craving companions, And I don’t want another Gender bug mishap happening again” She said, her aggravation peeking through in her voice. Clearly Infestation wasn’t a favorite of hers, if anything she just wanted to get this pink month over with so the love bugs and cooties would disappear already. But something in her mind just kept telling her, don’t leave the room. You won’t like what’ll happen. Though like always, the fey just shook her head. “Alright guys, it’s time for everyone to go to bed. Remember, tomorrow nobody is going outside, I know, I know. It’s unfair but I just don’t want anyone to be bitten and get the infestation fever.” The fey said, turning her back to the group before disappearing down the hallway, leaving her companions to plot… She should have trusted her instincts and not left the room.

The next morning, when the Fey awoke from slumber, her house was silent, making her worry. Her house was never silent, suspicion rose in her chest, the scent of chocolate luring the fey from the warmth of her covers. Quietly, she pulled her bedroom door open, and peered down the hall. Nothing was on fire, so far so good, though her worry wasn’t extinguished. The quiet chatter of her companions caught her attention, were they actually getting along with their new housemates for once?! Almost in disbelief, it took the fey a few moments to process what she was looking at when she rounded the corner. Apparently her companions had woken up a long time before her, and were setting out heart shaped cookies on the counter, various plates already completed. The fey just watched how her companions moved around, settling in their normal spots as though they hadn’t noticed her arrival yet, this only proven by the large Belragoth stopping what he was doing, in order to stare at her.

“...What’s going on here?” The fey asked after a moment, heaving a sigh of relief at the concept of, her house wasn’t on fire. Nobody was fighting, and they were all getting along for once. At her words, her Arctic Inarbu Tristis had jumped, which caused the poor thing to bump part of a cabinet, causing a hidden Pandoria's box to fall from it’s hiding place, from the looks of it, the box was a seasonal one. The box that would expose a misticpet to the powers of the frost, the light that resulted from the box colliding with the Inarbu’s stomach, which had unlatched it and forced it open, had taken far too long for everyone to recover from.

It was only 30 minutes later when the fey was fully able to comprehend what had happened, and what was happening at that moment, when the realization had hit her like a ton of bricks, she couldn’t help but start hugging each and every one of her companions without a single hint of a warning. “You guys are far too sweet. Just because I’m not a fan of the Infestation season, doesn’t mean you guys can’t enjoy it too. Go ahead, go run and play. Who am I to keep you guys inside.” She said, the faintest hints of a smile on her face. Looks like Infestation may have grown to be one of her favorite seasons of the year after all.