Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Saralena Winning Entry

The small girl approached the shadowed figure, curious to get a closer look at him. Her cat-like whiskers gave off a twitch at the sudden glimmer of light. He was holding something. A treasure maybe?

“E-excuse me sir?” The small baby Haruba squeaked, “You’re the Traveler, aren’t you?”

After a small pause, the dark pelted man turned his capped head toward the purple mound of fur. His piercing violet eyes narrowed for a second as he adjusted his heavy looking knapsack.

“Indeed. Why do you ask?” The mysterious Lirionox questioned, seeming to grasp the glowing object closer to his chest.

“I was wondering where you got that.” The Haruba motioned lazily to the Traveler’s protective grip. “Can’t you tell me?”

“This,” The Traveler announced, holding up the treasure so it was more clear. “this is the great Rougarou’s necklace.”

A string of different colored eyes dangled in front of the small baby’s face a light shimmer emitting off them.

“I got this precious treasure from no other then Rougarou himself.” To get comfortable, the Traveler crossed his legs, leaning against the nearby trunk for a tree. After taking a deep breath, he started his chilling tale.

“A long time ago, I met a mighty creature. He was tall, with pointed teeth and claws. Even though I was terrified at the very sight of him, I couldn’t help but notice the amazingly interesting necklace hanging around his throat. At that moment, I knew I needed to get it.

So, for many years, I awaited the beasts return, hoping he would be wearing the necklace so I could steal it.

Finally, not more then a few months ago, he re-appeared, announcing that his name was Rougarou. He started asking people to do difficult tasks for him in exchange for a special mask or two.

I then realized how awfully lazy the creature was! He spent most of his time sleeping and collecting the junk people would bring him. He had many helpers inside his lair, slaving away to make masks all day.

One day, I dressed up as one of his workers, stealthily slipping into his hideaway. I snuck into his chambers while he snoozed away, very excited to see the same necklace draped over his furry throat.

I was so happy, in fact, that I dashed right up to him and slipped it over his hand. Fortunately on my part, he never woke up. I managed to shuffle my way back here to the forest, where I always feel at ease.

The necklace is definitely my most prized possession. I can’t help but wonder if Rougarou ever misses it though. Or if he ever knew it was me…”

The Traveler stared off into the distance, sighing as the baby Haruba opened her mouth in awe.

“That sounds like a very dangerous mission to me! I would never have enough courage to do something like that!”

Suddenly, there was an enormous roar in the distance. The Traveler let out a gasp, stuffing the necklace into his backpack as his eyes grew wide.

“I think he figured out it was me! I’m not sure how but … We better run!”

He scooped the small Haruba into his arms, dashing away into the distance with only the hope that Rougarou wouldn’t find him.